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We the undersigned, recognise the failure of the current approach to spreading Creativity through public White Power forums. If Creativity is to survive and thrive as a religion for White people, it must be outside the infighting and riff-raff of the so-called White Power Movement, therefore as of today, July 23 2008, it is our policy that all people associated with the Creativity Alliance incorporating the Church of Creativity immediately cease advertising Creativity Alliance web sites and related materials within White Power forums. Furthermore, any current fighting in White Power forums on behalf of the …

Leaflets Violate Race Hate Laws

The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) | April 21, 2007

RACISM has reared its ugly head in Rockhampton again.

Residents across the Central Queensland city have been bombarded with leaflets dropped in their letterboxes calling for “real” Australians to join white supremacist movements and to fight against crimes allegedly committed by various ethnic groups.

One of the groups mentioned is a world-wide organisation called Storm Front.

It has branches in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Italy and Russia, and members call themselves patriots.

While this group seems to be relatively new to Rockhampton, residents have been confronted by these …