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Rudy Stanko – Conman Fraud

The Creativity Alliance – Incorporating Your Church of Creativity – hereby reissues Ben Klassen’s denunciation of conman Rudy Stanko of Nebraska.

Address: P.O Box 509 Gordon, NE. 69343 U.S.A.
Email: commonlawrudy1@gmail.com
Report: The Life History of Stinko Stunko (PDF)

 * A Thieving Profiteer! Stanko stole books, patches and paperwork from Ben Klassen, and continues to profit from such to this day.

 * A Fraud! Stanko fraudulently uses the title Pontifex Maximus as his own.

 * F.B.I. Protection! Stanko continues to use the name Church of the Creator in defiance of US Federal Court orders – while true Creators cannot.

 * …