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2. Rev. Cailen Cambeul

My Awakening

By Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E., C.A.
Co-Founder of the Creativity Alliance

Before you begin to read, remember that we do have Greek and Italian Creators within the Church, and I am honoured to call each and every one of them Brother or Sister.

Cailen & Nigger Born in 1969 of Scots parentage, I was naturally raised to be proud of my Race and Heritage. And for this reason I’ve been despised by muddyCULTuralists wherever I went. I remember in 1977, when I was a little seven year old sitting up the back of the class listening to my school teacher’s Asian …

Residents oppose plans for Islamic school

Katrina Vella: Southwestern Rural Advertiser | September 24, 2008


A GROUP of residents who live on and around Gurner Avenue in Austral will fight the council over a new proposal for an Islamic school to be built on the street.

The group says it is opposed to the school for numerous reasons, but the main one is that members don’t believe the rural area is appropriate for such a large development.

The proposed school will accommodate 600 primary and high school students and offer a car park, library, hall and sporting fields.

The residents are concerned about additional traffic …