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RaHoWa – Its Full Ramifications

Origins of the word RaHoWa

Ben Klassen – February 13 AC (1986 CE)
Racial Loyalty Newspaper – Issue 32, Page 5
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Rahowa – Its Full RamificationsThe White Race is enmeshed in a race war that will not end until it, the White Race, is either exterminated or it inhabits the Planet Earth supreme. Although most members of Nature’s Finest either don’t realize it, or whether it is stupidly trying to ignore it, is beside the point. The Jews, the niggers and mud races are keenly aware of it and will wage it unto death, whether we want it or not.

When …

How Much Longer ?

Pretoria. Beeld journalist Hilda Fourie and medical doctor ‘LP’ – A surgeon and other medical personnel – aghast at the horrendous injuries inflicted on an Afrikaner student in Pretoria yesterday – launched a fundraising campaign to pay a reward to the man who captured the girl’s torturer-rapist. Medical personnel also plan to hold a demonstration during the arrested black man’s remand-appearance on Monday between 9:45am and 10:15am outside the Pretoria magistrate’s court to protest against the brutality inflicted on the girl.

The 22-year-old Afrikaner student was ‘virtually disected’, enduring 22 cuts and stabs by a butcher knife according to medical …

Farmer Fights Back

Johannesburg – A farmer shot and killed a man trying to rob him of copper cables in Trichardtsdal in the Maake area, Limpopo police said on Sunday. Five men entered his farm around 13:00 on Saturday and struck him on the head with a panga, lieutenant colonel Mohale Ramatseba said. He managed to draw his gun and fire several shots at the intruders. A 30-year-old died on the scene after he was shot. His accomplices ran away without taking anything. The farmer was admitted to hospital with a minor wound. An inquest docket was opened. The four men were still …

Comrades Dividing ANC – Mantashe

Comrades Dividing ANC – Mantashe

Johannesburg – Some comrades are determined to sow divisions in the ANC, its secretary general Gwede Mantashe has told The Star newspaper. Mantashe was quoted as saying the party would celebrate its centenary next year more divided than it was in 2007. Mantashe’s comments – contained in his report to the national executive committee (NEC) – revealed a picture of infighting and highlighted that the party was failing to achieve its non-racial goals. He said divisions were becoming “more glaring, with comrades locked in “grouping”.

“More worrying is the efforts comrades put into dividing the organisation. Some comrades work for …

Most Violent Strike In History

Most Violent Strike In History

According to NEASA CEO, Gerhard Papenfus, they have been inundated by reports from employers and non-striking employees around the country of severe intimidation, violent behavior, assault and damage to property since the strike begun on Monday, “This strike is without a doubt one of the bloodiest and violent strikes we have seen to date,” Papenfus says. “Whilst every employee has the right to a peaceful strike, the current nature of the NUMSA strike is against the rule of law,” he says, adding that they have received numerous photographs of property that has been destroyed, employees physically assaulted and striking workers …

Malema – Take Back Land Without Paying

South Africans must take back the land that belongs to them without having to pay for it, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said in Cape Town on Tuesday. “Willing buyer, willing seller is not an alternative. The alternative from the youth league is that we take the land without paying. That is what we are proposing,” he told the league’s provincial council at the University of the Western Cape. While blacks had forgiven the previous regime for apartheid, he did not understand why they had to pay for what belonged to them.

“They never bought the land, they stole …

Farmer Andre vd Merwe Dragged 1,2km Behind Bakkie

André (Brood) vd Merwe, 49, shot 3 times, was dragged 1,2km behind his bakkie before his murderers crashed it, with the Afrikaner still chained to it. And since he left a thick blood-trail to follow, the farmer may still have been alive while being dragged. The amiable, single man, who also worked at Swarico Auctions and was well known in the community, was also shot in the back of the head, in the chest and in the cheek. The black-racist murder occurred on his farm about 10 km outside town on the Lichtenburg road. And because three of the attackers …

Point Of No Return

We have already passed one point of no return. Whether we can survive the second point remains to be seen. The White Race has already passed two points of no return. Whether we will “Arrive Alive” on the distant shore depends on how fast we get our act together. Creativity is the total and only answer. A few decades ago when propeller driven airplanes were still the mode of commercial nights, the wind factor was a critical consideration, especially on a long flight across water. A prop-driven commercial passenger plane had to take into serious consideration both the speed and …