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Racial tolerance in South Australia ‘too high’

Tory Shepherd: The Advertiser | September 30, 2008


The “disappointing” results are from a 10-year survey called Challenging Racism, to be released at the 4Rs (rights, reconciliation, respect and responsibility) International Conference in Sydney this week.

A cultural gap yes,

but we’re not racist

ONE in two South Australians do not like the idea of a close relative marrying a Muslim, while one in three are against marriage to Aborigines or black Africans.

Despite this, only one in 10 actually admits to being racist.

Project leader Professor Kevin Dunn, from the University of Western Sydney, said yesterday the levels …

40pc believe others don’t belong here

The Advertiser | September 28, 2008


FORTY per cent of Australians believe some ethnic groups do not belong in the country with one in 10 having outwardly racist views, a new study shows.

New South Wales tops the list with racist views, but lead researcher on the project Kevin Dunn puts it down to Sydney being the focus of international migration to Australia.

The study, led by human geography and urban studies Professor Dunn and his team from the University of Western Sydney, reveals racism in Australia has waned over the years but the figures remain high.

He will …

Residents oppose plans for Islamic school

Katrina Vella: Southwestern Rural Advertiser | September 24, 2008


A GROUP of residents who live on and around Gurner Avenue in Austral will fight the council over a new proposal for an Islamic school to be built on the street.

The group says it is opposed to the school for numerous reasons, but the main one is that members don’t believe the rural area is appropriate for such a large development.

The proposed school will accommodate 600 primary and high school students and offer a car park, library, hall and sporting fields.

The residents are concerned about additional traffic …

Step-by-step al-Qa’ida terror guide used by Benbrika cell

Gary Hughes: The Australian | September 20, 2008


IT was a blueprint for terror. Seized by police from the home of one of the alleged ringleaders of the Benbrika Muslim terror ring, it was al-Qa’ida’s chilling step-by-step guide on how to build a terrorist cell, avoid detection, conduct training, obtain weapons, select targets and launch attacks.

It was one of at least two such instruction manuals that, according to authorities, were used by self-proclaimed Melbourne cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 48, to set up and run his secret group.

One, which was also found in the hands of an al-Qa’ida …

‘Muslim Massacre’ game causes uproar

Chloe Lake, Technology Editor: News.com.au | September 12, 2008


A VIDEO game made by an Australian man that encourages players to massacre Muslim people has caused international outrage.

Muslim Massacre is promoted as taking place after the US “declares war” on the religion of Islam and encourages players to wipe out followers.

“The United States of America has declared war on Islam!” the Muslim Massacre website says.

“Take control of the American hero and wipe out the Muslim race with an arsenal of the world’s most destructive weapons.”

The targets appear as bearded men wearing normal clothes or characters …

Taliban pens never held dogs, says Fitzgibbon

The Advertiser | September 04, 2008


AUSTRALIAN troops did not use dog pens to hold four Taliban prisoners overnight, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says, contrary to an earlier report.

Defence has now told the Minister the enclosure used to detain the four prisoners had never been used for dogs, contrary to a report of a defence inquiry into the alleged April incident.

The report, released last week, sparked an angry reaction from Australia’s Islamic leadership who said no human being should be locked up in dog pens.

The latest advice from defence has upset Mr Fitzgibbon who said it …

Blind Man Beats Discriminating Muslim Cabby in Court – Then Refused Entry into Cab Again

Blind man, guide dog win court action

Andrew Dowdell, Court Reporter: The Advertiser | July 23, 2008


A BLIND man who won a lawsuit after his guide dog was refused entry into a taxi is happy with the result – even though it means he lost a potential windfall.

Peter Ellson was today awarded $2300 in compensation and damages after the Equal Opportunity Tribunal found he had been discriminated against by a cabbie working for PBL Taxis in February 2006.

However, Mr Ellson could have made $25,000 more by settling out of court.

Mr Ellson said he took the …

Multiculturalism Leads to Violence in Paris and Brussels

Racist Violence in Paris and Brussels

Tiburge: The Brussels Journal | June 24, 2008


The 19th arrondissement of Paris has become a war zone between Jews and North Africans. The most recent flare-up of violence occurred on Saturday June 21. A 17-year old Jewish boy suffered several broken ribs and skull fractures during a violent assault by Mulsim youths. The boy was hospitalized in an unconscious state at Cochin Hospital where he is currently being kept in an artificial coma.

The boy, who was wearing a kippa, was walking on Rue Petit, in the 19th, when he came …

The “Burkhini” – Another Tax Payer Expense

Cultural worries covered

The Advertiser | June 25, 2008


… The “burkhini” is making a splash with Muslim students in the Riverland.

The wetsuit-style lycra costume, which covers the arms, legs and hair, has given 10 Renmark High School students the chance to learn to swim while remaining true to their culture.

Principal Paul Wilton said since the school bought the burkhinis, the students had become more active.

“We noticed that, while the boys were actively participating in events, the girls were very shy and none of them came to the school swimming carnival,” he said.

“We are a …