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Plaasmoorde (farm murders) Monument

Plaasmoorde (farm murders) Monument

Plaasmoorde (farm murders) Monument

Plaasmoorde (farm murders) Monument

Plaasmoorde (farm murders) Monument

A cross for the two-year old Willemien Potgieter who was shot in the back of the head execution style by blacks – her father and mother were butchered like cattle (Des 2010)

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Farmer Andre vd Merwe Dragged 1,2km Behind Bakkie

André (Brood) vd Merwe, 49, shot 3 times, was dragged 1,2km behind his bakkie before his murderers crashed it, with the Afrikaner still chained to it. And since he left a thick blood-trail to follow, the farmer may still have been alive while being dragged. The amiable, single man, who also worked at Swarico Auctions and was well known in the community, was also shot in the back of the head, in the chest and in the cheek. The black-racist murder occurred on his farm about 10 km outside town on the Lichtenburg road. And because three of the attackers …

Two Blacks Shot Dead In Farm Attack

Two Blacks Shot Dead In Farm Attack

Walkerville, Vereeniging. The supermarket chain who buys the dairy-products from 26-year-old dairy foreman Eon Viljoen has much to answer for. Their failure to pay the farm for its products has caused a chain of horrific events in which two former farm workers – angered because they did not get their Christmas bonuses in time – beat farm-owner Marie Weilbach, 79 into a braindead-coma with a steel-pipe. The two workers then were killed in turn when they waited for her grandson Villjoen in ambush and tried to kill him with a shotgun and a steelpipe. Two dairy-farm workers – Mkhlushwa …

More on the Terre`Blanche` Murder

More on the Terre`Blanche` Murder

A few things that have been revealed about Terre`Blanches` murder are the following:

Two blood stains were found on his bed – one where his head was and the other lower down where his stomach was. The niggers “neutralized” the dogs and came in through a window. His brother revealed that Eugene’s face was so badly hacked that he was unrecognizable – a bloodied tooth has also been recovered from the scene which indicates how badly he was beaten. His pants was pulled down to expose his private parts – an act of humiliating the “enemy”, commonly used by the …

Eugene Terreblanche Murdered

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AFP) – South Africa’s Afrikaans Resistance Movement leader Eugene Terreblanche who campaigned for a separate White homeland was murdered on Saturday on his farm, the SAPA news agency reported.

The 69-year-old Afrikaans Resistance Movement leader was attacked and killed on his farm in the north-west by two blacks hired to work on his farm. The two were arrested and charged with his murder.

“Mr Terreblanche’s body was found on the bed with facial and head injuries,” police spokesman Adele Myburgh was quoted as saying.

“A 21-year-old man and 15-year-old boy were arrested and charged for his …

South Africa Today = Queensland Tomorrow



A farmer from the southern Free State was announced as the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging’s (AWB) new leader on Tuesday.

Steyn van Ronge, a member of the movement for more than 20 years, vowed to pursue the AWB’s goal of returning to God and uniting the “volk”.

His election followed the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche at his Ventersdorp farm on Saturday and the charging of two people for the killing.

He said that since Terre’Blanche’s murder the AWB had received “thousands” of new membership applications.

“We will not allow an incident of this nature to occur again,” he …

The Katyn Massacre

From IMDB.com: On 17 September 1939, a group of Polish officers and soldiers are imprisoned by the Soviet Army on the border of Poland. Anna and her daughter Nika travel from Krakow to meet her husband and officer Andrzej and they try to convince him to leave the soldiers and escape back home. However, Andrzej refuses to leave the troop and is deported to USSR. Later the Soviet tells that the Polish officers had been massacred by the Germans in the Katyn Forest with a shot on the back of the neck. However Anna retrieves Andrzej’s diary and discloses …

Police Murder White Nationalist Teen

Police shot and killed a 15 year old boy carrying knives at a Northcoate Skate Park in Melbourne on Thursday night.

Initial reports were sketchy, but according to the MSN (Mainstream Media), police had attempted to subdue 15 year old Tyler Cassidy with capsicum spray, and then pursued him to the Skate Park where four officers cornered the boy and from 10 to 15 metres away fired six shots into his chest, killing him. As could be predicted, there was an immediate outcry in the MSN (Mainstream Media) about trigger happy, heavy handed police brutality.

Two days later, the MSN …

Aboriginal Racist Attempts Murder – Blames Whitey

Victim was ‘like when you kill a kangaroo’

Andrew Dowdell, Court Reporter: The Advertiser | October 23, 2008


A WHYALLA man bashed another man unconscious with a brick, left him for dead, then returned and assaulted the stricken man again, a court has heard.

Adam Sharpe knocked the man out with two punches then kicked him in the head and attacked him with a brick on Milsom St at Whyalla in January.

Sharpe, 24, told a friend he was unsure if he had killed his victim – then returned to the scene and attacked the prone man again with …