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Case Conclusion

The Joel Dufresne Case – Conclusion

The Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office knows Angela to be mentally ill, prone to fits of violence, and highly deceitful. None of the exculpatory evidence was suppressed by accident; the prosecution’s closing arguments at trial depended on that evidence being hidden, because Angela was presented to the jury as someone much different from the real Angela W. Had the jury seen the Angela known through the suppressed evidence, they wouldn’t have believed her at all.

Her parents did not testify, despite their sympathy for their daughter, because three people couldn’t have sustained the sheer quantity …

Case Chronology

The Joel Dufresne Case – A Chronology of Events

2001-10-24: Angela Wiertalla is arrested for driving with open intoxicants in a motor vehicle and violation of restricted driver’s license. Material in the abnormally persistent efforts of Angela to deceive the police.
Attachment A: Emmet County Sheriffs Dept. Incident Report 2001-7116-I

2002-01-24: Angela Wiertalla is involved in a serious traffic accident involving injury, in which she was operating under the influence of alcohol. She struck another vehicle, the driver of which was unconscious from injury. Material in Angela’s efforts to deceive the police and blaming the cause of the accident on …

Case Summary

The Joel Dufresne Case

This case consists of criminal sexual allegations by Angela Jean W., of Brutus, MI against her boyfriend Joel Nathan Dufresne. They have one minor child, Hale Dufresne, from their 2 ½ year relationship. Joel was wrongfully convicted of rape in 2006 and is serving a 50 to 75 year sentence in a Michigan Prison.
Joel & His Son
When it was discovered that kidnapping was not a possible charge it suddenly became a rape case. Was this a custody case that went terribly wrong? Was Emmet county trying to rid their community of someone who had political views that they …

About Rev. Dufresne

All about Reverend Joel Dufresne

Joel is legitimately innocent. His case is that of a marriage breakup gone wrong, with a draconian government getting involved in order to bring down a man they saw as a threat to their multi-racially skewed, politically correct universe. Sentenced to near 80 years in prison, Joel is a genuine Prison Martyr.

RaHoWa Reverend Joel Dufresne!

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Article: Protest

Press Release
From Reverend Joel Dufresne
Protest Re, Kinross Correctional Facility, Michigan Department of Corrections

The MDOC, Michigan Department of Corrections, has attempted to censor what the protest at Kinross Correctional Facility, KCF, was truly about.  The administration misleads the media by stating that the demonstration performed by the incarcerated body, was solely due to the quality of food being served by Trinity Food Service.  That was partly the reason for the demonstration but not the sole reason for it.  The following complaints are all of the issues that were being addressed through the peaceful demonstration that was orchestrated by