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Rudd won’t share our pain with climate tax

Glenn Milne, Canberra: The Advertiser | July 06, 2008


KEVIN Rudd wants all Australians to pay more for power and petrol to help save the planet – except himself.

The Prime Minister has revealed he will continue to allow taxpayers to pick up his power and petrol bills, despite saying everyone must share the pain of increased costs to help stop climate change.

The Government is set to introduce a national Emissions Trading System by 2010 in the wake of the Garnaut Report released on Friday.

Energy bills and the cost of fuel will sharply increase under the system.…

Global Warming – It’s a Swindle!

Many, many years ago while reading history books, watching documentaries and so forth, I learned that around twelve hundred years, ago global warming had allowed the Norse – commonly known as Vikings –  to travel across near arctic regions and settle in places such as Iceland, Greenland and North America.

By the time of Columbus in 1492, global cooling had again taken place making it impossible for farming communities to survive in Greenland, and the route the Vikings used to get to North America being via Greenland, was no longer viable, therefore North America was effectively closed off to Europeans …