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Taliban pens never held dogs, says Fitzgibbon

The Advertiser | September 04, 2008


AUSTRALIAN troops did not use dog pens to hold four Taliban prisoners overnight, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says, contrary to an earlier report.

Defence has now told the Minister the enclosure used to detain the four prisoners had never been used for dogs, contrary to a report of a defence inquiry into the alleged April incident.

The report, released last week, sparked an angry reaction from Australia’s Islamic leadership who said no human being should be locked up in dog pens.

The latest advice from defence has upset Mr Fitzgibbon who said it …

SA White man ‘eaten alive by dogs’ at Abo community

The Advertiser | July 30, 2008


A SOUTH Australian man killed in mysterious circumstances in the Northern Territory was eaten alive by wild dogs, his family said yesterday.

The fatal mauling is believed to have been the work of the same dogs that bit off a woman’s ear two months ago.

Michael Hardy, 26, a visitor from South Australia, had been driving back to Adelaide after coming to the Territory to visit his brother, Peter, in Darwin.

He was found dead near the entrance to the Hidden Valley town camp in Alice Springs last Thursday.

Police are mystified about …