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Rev.Dr Joe Refused Parole Due to Creativity

To all Creators, Supporters and Friends: Do @P.M.JoeEsposito. a favour and email or print and send as many copies of this letter as you can to anyone anywhere, wherever you think it may be useful. ~ @Cailen.

Joe Esposito - Prisoner Of Conscience

To: US Embassy & Consulate in Australia AskEmbassyCanberra@state.gov
State Governor Oregon Governor.Kotek@oregon.gov
Oregon Parole Board BPPPS.Webmaster@paroleboard.oregon.gov
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ohchr-InfoDesk@un.org

Re: Illegal Detention of an Oregon Prisoner Due to His Religion Affiliations

Joseph Esposito #20315402
Snake River C.I.
777 Stanton Blvd, Ontario
Oregon U.S.A. 97914

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Reverend Cailen Cambeul. I am writing …

Il Ruolo Delle Donne In Creativity

Qual è il ruolo della donna nella società ideale per Creativity?

Sister L.T., donna membro di Creativity, trattò questo argomento in un audio registrato intitolato “The Women’s Frontier: A New Chapter In Church History”.

Per prima cosa, guardiamo all’organizzazione di Creativity per trattare questa questione. Dal momento che l’organizzazione vede il ruolo maggiormente naturale delle donne quello di esser madri di splendidi bambini bianchi e mogli di gloriosi uomini bianchi, i nostri membri donna, come i nostri membri uomini, possono ricoprire la massima posizione di rilievo possibile in Creativity ed avere quindi influenza.

Questo prova che Creativity ha sempre rispettato …

A Wonderful Religion Called Creativity

From Racial Loyalty Forum News
With Contributions by Brother Rebel, Reverend Sturmkrieger & Others …

Question: We have a wonderful religion. Let us speak about that. Our Family and Folk, our children and how we are going to introduce our wonderful religion to them.

I’ve heard enough about the Zionist Cultural Marxism gender identity. I get it! Let us begin to put out a positive message of Hope and Deliverance for our people.

Answer: I do not associate with non-Creators other than to be polite or to recruit. Life is a perpetual war being attacked from all sides. …

Creativity: The One and Only True Religion

By Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.
October, 36 AC (2009 CE)

As logical White men and women, Creators one and all, we do not accept belief in mysterious, magical beings living in the sky, controlling our lives, and as such we do not approve of religions based on the primitive fantasies of the delusional. Therefore, as Pontifex Maximus in this, the third era of Creativity, I believe it is my duty to declare all so-called religions based on fantasy to be null and void. Amongst other religions, this includes that tripartite scourge on our White racial brethren across this wide blue …