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Call For The Genocide Of The Afrikaners

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I wonder what would`ve happened to Steve Hofmeyr or Sunette Bridges if they called for the genocide of black people ? This negro “master” looks pretty wet behind the ears and will run like hell when chaos breaks out in South Africa, of that I`m 100% sure.

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‘I hereby pledge my undying loyalty to the WHITE

Zuma : If ANC Goes Gown, So Will SA

From News24 | South Africa | November 2014

Johannesburg – President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday admitted that the ANC had been shaken and was in trouble. “The youth league has been shaken but also the mother body has been shaken,” he told delegates at the ANC Youth League consultative conference in Soweto, Johannesburg. “We admit that the organisation is in trouble.” Zuma was referring to discussions held by the African National Congress’s combined national working committee and national executive committee meeting on Tuesday. “I can guarantee you that if everything goes wrong with the ANC, everything will go wrong in …

Service Delivery “Protests”

Anyone in South Africa that still thinks that these are protests would have to have their heads checked. Reading through the newspapers it becomes crystal clear what`s happening all around the country. Why block roads if you`re angry at your government ? You would think that the negro would go find the negro that`s in charge of the particular town. These “protests” are the mobilization of the masses, building up momentum for the “final liberation”, fueled on by a click of communists to get rid of the White Man from Africa. Well organized (04:00AM – 05:00AM) with a militaristic ring …

Comrades Dividing ANC – Mantashe

Comrades Dividing ANC – Mantashe

Johannesburg – Some comrades are determined to sow divisions in the ANC, its secretary general Gwede Mantashe has told The Star newspaper. Mantashe was quoted as saying the party would celebrate its centenary next year more divided than it was in 2007. Mantashe’s comments – contained in his report to the national executive committee (NEC) – revealed a picture of infighting and highlighted that the party was failing to achieve its non-racial goals. He said divisions were becoming “more glaring, with comrades locked in “grouping”.

“More worrying is the efforts comrades put into dividing the organisation. Some comrades work for …

Malema Says It’s War

Embattled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema threatened the ruling party leadership at the weekend, ahead of the resumption of his disciplinary hearing, the Sunday Times reported. “This is a war. In a war, never expect roses, and in a war there are casualties. But we can guarantee that we will win,” he was quoted as telling supporters in Alexandra outside Johannesburg on Saturday. “In 2012, the ANC will correct itself and elect good leaders,” Malema added, referring to the party’s elective conference in Mangaung next year. Malema and four other youth league leaders appeared before the ANC’s national disciplinary …

Most Violent Strike In History

Most Violent Strike In History

According to NEASA CEO, Gerhard Papenfus, they have been inundated by reports from employers and non-striking employees around the country of severe intimidation, violent behavior, assault and damage to property since the strike begun on Monday, “This strike is without a doubt one of the bloodiest and violent strikes we have seen to date,” Papenfus says. “Whilst every employee has the right to a peaceful strike, the current nature of the NUMSA strike is against the rule of law,” he says, adding that they have received numerous photographs of property that has been destroyed, employees physically assaulted and striking workers …

South Africa Upgraded To Stage 6 – GenocideWatch.org

Dr Gregory Stanton of GenocideWatch.org wrote me today that his organisation is upgrading South Africa to Stage 6 of genocide – when death lists are drawn up, propaganda targetting the target-groups distributed, groups are formed, attacks are starting to culminate in a full-out Genocide, and target groups forced into camps or marginal land sites . (Helpende Hand can tell you exactly where those camps are) Stage 8 is denial of the genocide. Stanton writes “Julius Malema must be removed as leader of the ANC youth league. He is a violent Marxist-racist. Just like Winnie Mandela. Genocide Watch wll upgrade South …

Malema – Take Back Land Without Paying

South Africans must take back the land that belongs to them without having to pay for it, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said in Cape Town on Tuesday. “Willing buyer, willing seller is not an alternative. The alternative from the youth league is that we take the land without paying. That is what we are proposing,” he told the league’s provincial council at the University of the Western Cape. While blacks had forgiven the previous regime for apartheid, he did not understand why they had to pay for what belonged to them.

“They never bought the land, they stole …