Rosenberg’s Germanic Religion vs Creativity – A Comparison

A) Basis of Belief
The German nationalistic religion that both Hitler and Rosenberg envisaged never became a reality. At the time of Hitler’s death in 1945, Protestant and Catholic Christianity was the prevalent religion of the land, as it still is today. We therefore have to distinguish between the religious dogma of the contemplated religion and the political dogma of the Nazi party. The religious philosophy was dimly outlined in Rosenberg’s many writings, particularly his magnum opus, Mythos, and also in Hitler’s Mein Kampf. They vaguely expressed the intent to create such a religion, to be based on the myths, mores and folklore of the German people. Since this never materialized, or crystallized, we have to leave it at that, and fall back on Hitler’s dogma of Blood, Soil and Honor. Creativity has much in common with this idea, but is much more fully structured, more complete, clear and comprehensive. Creativity takes in every major issue and aspect necessary for the future religious and racial needs of the White Race. These are spelled out in detail in the Three Basic Books of Creativity, namely Nature’s Eternal Religion, The White Man’s Bible, and Salubrious Living, further supplemented by Expanding Creativity.

B) Goals and Objectives
Hitler’s and Rosenberg’s goals were goals basically concerned with the welfare and best interests of the German people, and during the short tenure of the Nazi Party its political and religious goals were practically inseparable. They were :

(a) To tear up the Versailles Treaty and restore German independence, power and honor,
(b) To unite the German people,
(c) To break the Jewish stranglehold and get these parasites off the backs of the German people,
(d) Reclaim lost German territories,
(e) Enlarge the living space (lebensraum) of the German nation by conquering new territory to the east, at the expense of the Poles, Czechs, Russians, etc.
(f) To cleanse and Germanize the cultural, economic and racial elements of the German people.

The goals of Creativity are very similar, but instead of such objectives being narrowly limited to the German nation only and at the expense of other White nations, Creativity seeks to encompass the total White peoples of the world, be they German, French, Anglo, Polish or whatever. Creativity seeks to straighten out the confused and Judaized thinking of all the White men, women and children on planet earth, to arouse them, unite and polarize them into one huge battering ram and smash the Jewish monster once and for all. It is then the objective of Creativity to expand the numbers and territories of the White Race until it inhabits (exclusively) all the good territories of planet earth. There are many other objectives, such as Eugenics, Salubrious Living, and a number of others, as spelled out in detail in our Three Basic Books, and as briefly summarized under the Twenty Fundamental Points in Racial Loyalty No. 30.

C) Racial Attitude
There is very little difference between the racial attitude of Creativity and the Nazi philosophy, except for this one major detail : Whereas the Nazi goal concerned the cleansing and the genetic improvement of the German people, Creativity seeks to encompass the total White Race on a global basis. Whereas Hitler stressed Nationalism, we stress the common biological origins of our race as the common bond and point of polarization. We believe this is extremely important. Whereas nationalism has been the cause of innumerable wars between White “nations”, from time immemorial, we are firmly convinced that the whole idea of “nationalism” is highly destructive for the White Race and has been one of the Jew’s most effective tools in their diabolical technique of “Divide and Conquer.” We therefore seek to unite the White Race under one religion and one language, never to wage fratricidal war amongst themselves again.

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Whereas Hitler sought to unite the Germans only to wage suicidal wars against other White Racial Comrades, we seek to unite the whole White Race on a worldwide basis. We claim the whole planet earth as the exclusive and unchallenged heritage of the White Race. In Racial Loyalty No. 4 we have spelled out in more detail eight fundamental differences between the Nazi philosophy and Creativity. There are many armchair admirers of the Nazi regime who argue that “if Hitler had only won the war” he would have extended the benefits of the Nazi idea to the White Race on a worldwide basis. In the interests of solving the urgent problems and the dire dilemma that faces the White Race today, I want to make two salient points.

(a) Hitler lost the war. He has been dead for years. What he might or might not have done is academic at this stage of history and a pointless conjecture that is wasting much valuable time in pontification when militant action is what is needed.
(b) We Creators are convinced that the whole idea of “nationalism” as espoused by National Socialism is a divisive and destructive idea, and we supplant it with Racial Socialism. Had Hitler won the war, other countries such as France, Poland, England, America, etc., would undoubtedly have formed indigenous Nazi parties of their own in their respective countries, with undoubtedly, German direction and interference. There would have in each instance been much resentment and opposition in each country, and justifiably so, that the “Germans” were taking over, and it would probably have sown the seeds for endless future strife and resentment, such as the Irish resentment of the English governing a section of their country.

In the Creativity Creed and Program most of these problems are substantially solved and eliminated. No White country need be, or need feel threatened that they might be governed by an “alien nationality.” As time went on, as Latin became the universal language of the White Race; as the racial idea grew and the “nationalist” idea subsided; as Creativity became the universal religion, the White Race of the world would move in unity towards a true entity interested in advancing the goals emphasized in Creativity; upgrading its own genetic heritage and utilizing its tremendous potential for its own best interests. We therefore appeal to our “nationalist” White brothers to stop pontificating endlessly and pointlessly about “what might have been”, to come back to the world of reality, and join with us as militant activists in building a Whiter and Brighter World.

D) Organizational Structure
We are completely in harmony with the Leadership Principle as expounded by Adolf Hitler and consider the former Nazi Party and governmental organization as a model structure for our own future development. We consider Hitler’s Nazi Germany between 1933-1939 as the finest and most efficient society the White Race has ever produced for its own best interests. We intend to not only emulate its
organizational structure, but to utilize it as a stepping stone to further improve upon, to expand it on a worldwide basis to serve the White Race for its own best interests.

The Church of Creativity is one out fit that does not march to the Jewish drummer. We have our own.” >Print Friendly Page