Rockhampton Church’s Racist Leaflets ‘Un-Australian’: Govt.

ABC News-online Monday, May 20, 2002.

The Federal Government has expressed outrage at racist leaflets that have appeared in Rockhampton.

The leaflets are allegedly being distributed by the Rockhampton chapter of the American-based World Church of the Creator [now the Church of Creativity].

The church says it is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the ‘white race’.

The leaflets refer to an Aboriginal cancer and foreign influences bleeding Australia to death.

The Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Gary Hardgrave, says the leaflets are totally unacceptable.

“Most Australians would be repulsed by this and we can support free speech as long as we like, but free speech as a right comes with a responsibility to conduct speech in a decent way,” Mr Hardgrave said.

“This crosses the boundary, it goes way beyond the right of free speech when you start to see irresponsible and downright indecent propaganda being circulated.

“The people sending it around have shown themselves to be downright un-Australian in their style.”” >Print this entry