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Setting the Record Straight About Will Williams
Posted 3 months ago

From By Hadding | 1 January 2016 I just want to say a few words about Will Williams in light of a controversy that has arisen in the past few weeks. The controversy is that Will Williams is alleged to have laid hands in a hostile way on Garland DeCourcy, an employee of the […]

Australians Should Reject Anti-Islam Rallies Says Race Discrimination Commissioner
Posted 5 months ago

… And Report on Reclaim Australia – Adelaide Rally
Adelaide, South Australia | November 2015
Australians ‘should reject’ violent anti-Islam rallies, Race Discrimination Commissioner says
Anti-Islam rallies in Melbourne and around the country…

Australians Should Reject Anti-Islam Rallies …
Slavery Common in Australia
Posted 5 months ago

Slavery Common in Australia – The Future is a Bloody Racial War or Enslavement of the White Population
They are the inferior mud races of Third World countries. Opportunistic economic ille ...

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The Leadership Principle
Posted 6 months ago

There should be no great mystery as to the meaning of the Leadership Principle. It is as simple as it sounds. Yet thanks to all the brain pollution we have…

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Queen Isabella – The Inspired Crusader
Posted 7 months ago

Our debt to the great Queen of Castile and Lyon is hard to measure, but in any case, it is phenomenal. This remarkable woman was possessed of some of the finest qualities that we can be proud of as being characteristic of our great White Race. Even as a child she was endowed with a serene self-possession and had a majestic presence. This was not surprising, perhaps, considering that she was descended from Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, the Plantagenet kings of England, St. Louis, King of France, and St. Fernando, King of Castile. Like her ancestors, William the…

Creativity vs Christianity
Posted 7 months ago

In making an analytical comparison between the new, dynamic, militant and vibrant new Creativity religion with the sick and morbid religion of Christianity, we find the philosophies of the two…

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Australia’s New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Posted 7 months ago

@TurnbullMalcolm #Australia #PrimeMinister #HJIC #RaceTraitor
A Goy that thinks he just might possibly have Jewish heritage, Malcolm Turnbull is potentially the worst prime minister Australia could ever have throughout its history.

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WRL & POW Cory Traxler Needs Your Help
Posted 8 months ago

Hi, I am a friend of Cory Traxler, an imprisoned White Nationalist whom you may know. In 2009 he was sent to federal prison for firearms violations.
Cory has been a…

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The Incongruity Of The Jewish God
Posted 8 months ago

Throughout the bible, and especially in the New Testament, we are continuously urged to become more perfect, more God-like. We are continuously told that we are a collection of no-good, worthless sinners. We are told that our shortcomings and our weaknesses are as numberless as the stars in the heavens. In contrast to this, we are reminded again and again how perfect is the Jewish God as portrayed in the Scriptures. We are told that God is kind, he is loving, he is gracious, he is the incorporation of all wisdom; he knows everything that has happened and everything that…

Personal: I Remember When My Mother Was Threatened Because I Am a CREATOR
Posted 8 months ago

Some years ago, my mother was threatened by some government agency. Her tenancy conflicted in this way or that way or whatever … And as it turned out, all the landlords wanted to talk about was about how her son was a RACIST! A NAZI! A WHITE SUPREMACIST! Of course, it had all erupted from honesty and politeness, and a neighbour adding two and two and getting five and getting needlessly aggressive.
How to deal with it? First thing my mother did was handle it on her own and try to explain that the CHURCH OF CREATIVITY is (in words…

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