Racists Target Schwarten

Linda Brady | The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) | May 21, 2002

MEMBER for Rockhampton Robert Schwarten renewed his condemnation of white supremacist group the World Church of the Creator [now the Church of Creativity] yesterday after they plastered his electoral office with racist stickers on Wednesday night.

Mr Schwarten said the attack followed his decision to stop responding to the group’s stream of “racist” letters to his office, targeting a federal racial vilification issue.

:I refuse to entertain their nonsense, and I wrote to advise their leader that he was only the second constituent in my 20 years of public life I chose to ban from correspondence,” he said.

“They simply would not listen to reason that this was out of my jurisdiction … on top of that I have a very open-door policy and not once did they take advantage of that.”

“These people are very good with a pen and paper and putting up stickers, but they aren’t good at looking people in the eye.”

Mr Schwarten said the fact that the majority of the group’s activities were carried out under the cover of darkness diminished their credibility.

“Anyone who has the strength of conviction they claim to have, doesn’t need to carry out covert activities,” he said.

“I reckon they are cowards … I formed the view very early that this was a racist/fascist ratbag group and their activities overnight reinforced that position.”

He said the last thing Rockhampton needed was a reputation of being racist.

“We are trying to establish the world’s largest magnesium plant and that requires international investment and markets,” he said.

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