Joel Dufresne Case 3


The Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office knows Angela to be mentally ill, prone to fits of violence, and highly deceitful. None of the exculpatory evidence was suppressed by accident; the prosecution’s closing arguments at trial depended on that evidence being hidden, because Angela was presented to the jury as someone much different from the real Angela W. Had the jury seen the Angela known through the suppressed evidence, they wouldn’t have believed her at all.

Her parents did not testify, despite their sympathy for their daughter, because three people couldn’t have sustained the sheer quantity of lies she told at trial.

Angela was very nearly a defendant for the death of her brother. She is mentally ill, and so not fully responsible for her actions. Eric Kaiser exploited her mental illness to create this case. He suppressed the 2/14/06 ‘rape kit’ results and chose to have another examination done, and then still another when the second try proved exculpatory too. He had Armstrong intercept every defense lead that Joel mentioned on the jail phone and condoned the interrogation techniques used (including the overly-tight leg irons with no socks, on 3/10/06). He presented a case made of lies and hid the evidence that would expose those lies.

Joel Dufresne Wrongly Convicted In Emmet County, Michigan

Joel cared for their son and her children when Angela worked, picked them up from school, was their emergency contact for the school and took care of their son when she was in jail.

In this whole mess, his son is Joel’s greatest loss. He has not had any contact with his son or pictures since his arrest in 2006.
Justice (??) managed to take everything; his son, his freedom….His Life.