Obama Will Do Nothing To Stop The Genocide Of “Whites” In South Africa

The Republican-American writes : “Before I begin (on my discourse about survival and change) let me make a point : I doubt White South Africans will become physically extinct. That is, even if a full-scale slaughter of Whites occurs in South Africa, the outcome will not result in the complete extermination of all White human beings. Some Whites are certain to survive to face an indeterminate fate. I make no pretense to know what that fate will be. In all fairness, a sudden burst of madness directed at the full-scale extermination of Whites would be more humane than the slow, painful interludes of madness they now endure; either method leads to the same outcome.

Laymen are not aware that the same amount of energy produced by exploding a stick of dynamite is produced by burning a piece of wood. The difference between the two is simply a matter of duration : Dynamite rapidly releases its energy while a piece of burning wood lumbers along, releasing an equal amount of energy over a longer period of time. The end-product of rapid and slow combustion is the same : The conversion of a substance from solid, to liquid to gas to extinction. White South Africans have been enduring the lumbering process of their extinction. They are at all times lingering between the liquid and gaseous phases – almost but not quite ready for ignition but certainly heading in that direction.

One wonders what it takes to awaken a culture composed of vulnerable human beings to the fact they are facing extinction? The “survivor study” discussed the fact that survivors face the frailty of their existence with candor. They tend to abhor the idea that their survival is dependent upon someone else. They are realists; as such they examine reality in the absence of immature and misguided thoughts that could and would mean their demise when their existence is challenged. The slow extinction of White South Africans is almost but not quite endurable, I suppose. In no little sense of the idea, most White South Africans are gambling with their lives, betting the odds they will not become another victim of calculated hate. There is some hope, too, that when and if th ...

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