No Room for White Pride in a Multicultural World

Scott Cam blitzes neo-Nazi thugs

Nick Leys: Daily Telegraph | February 01, 2009,22049,24990558-5001021,00.html

SCOTT Cam pulls no punches about the Southern Cross, a symbol he is proud to wear tattooed across his back.

“Like any working class bloke, I have strong feelings about the Southern Cross,” says the builder, who presents the Nine Network’s popular series, Domestic Blitz.

Steve Price: Our flag hijacked by neo-Nazis

“It instills in me a sense of morality – knowing what it stands for gives you some ethics. It’s that symbol of working hard, helping your mate and slogging it out without complaining.

“Unlike American patriotism, the Aussie pride about the Southern Cross is about keeping it to yourself.”

Like many Australians, Cam is outraged at the violent and yobbish behaviour during this year’s Australia Day.

Mainly younger Australians were seen using symbols like the Southern Cross, the national flag and the boxing kangaroo motif to embolden racist attitudes.

“They don’t understand it,” said Cam, who has the Southern Cross and the names of his children tattooed on his back.

“They are using it as a racial taunt and it angers me so much. We are a multicultural society.”

He proposes a Southern Cross Appreciation Society: “To be a member, you don’t have to do anything: it costs nothing and you just have to be a good bloke.”

The following comment was rejected by the Daily Telegraph.

When hundreds of Greeks with national flags in hand go on a rampage smashing store windows, destroying cars, property and people that get in their way after their team plays in a soccer match, it’s called a party atmosphere that got a little out of hand. Same thing for Lebanese whenever they congregate in groups large enough to move through the streets with impunity committing random acts of violence and destruction while shouting, “Lebs Rule!’

By no means are Greeks and Lebanese the only or the worst culprits with this type of behaviour, but they are prime examples of multicultural policies providing us with nationalistic youth of foreign extraction prowling Australia’s streets hunting for lone “Skips” to bash and stab. It’s so common place that when this type of performance by one of Australia’s ethnic groups takes place, it’s practically if not totally ignored by the media and the authorities. This has left White Australian youth (anyone that fits the description of Anglo or Skip) feeling alienated within their own country, and just like everywhere, they have adopted behaviour that would have once been considered foreign to them. Our youth now carry the Australian flag with pride and in comparison with the behaviour of some of the ethnic groups, their antics really are a party atmosphere that got out of hand.

So where does Scott Cam and his media buddies get off calling those kids racists and neo-Nazis? Oh yes, that’s right … only White people can be racist.

Welcome to multicultural Australia.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park