No Free Speech for White People: Federal Attorney-General

No free speech for racists, says Federal Attorny-General Robert McClelland

Peter Veness: Adelaide Advertiser | April 27, 2010

“FREEDOM of speech only goes so far and it does not stretch to racism,” Attorney-General Robert McClelland says.

“It may well be appropriate to set some limitation to public expression of hateful material,” Mr McClelland said.

He said cyber-racism was a growing area of concern for the Human Rights Commission. Eighteen per cent of racism complaints handed to the Commission in 2008-09 were about racist internet material, up from nine per cent in the previous year. [more …]


Just what is determined as “hate speech” or “racism?”

  • Anything to do with White people alone.
  • Anything to do with pride for White people.
  • Any demands by Whites for truly equal rights.
  • Racially stereotyped humour aimed at non-Whites.
  • Anything a Jew, Black or other non-White “feels” is racist.
  • Anything the government or government appointed officials think non-Whites feel is racist.
  • et cetera ….

And just what is not determined as “hate speech” or “racism?”

  • Jewish pride, Black Pride, Black Power, Asian Pride, et al …, Gay Pride and anything remotely politically correct.
  • Jewish Supremacist groups for a Greater Israel.
  • Jewish lies and propaganda: Whether it’s from the Christinsane Bible or modern day politicians making up stories of atrocities by other people against the Jews.
  • Racially stereotyped humour aimed at Whites.
  • Blacks kicking the hell out of Whites for fun.
  • Blacks demanding the extermination of Whites.
  • Non-Whites participating in and glorifying in the pack rape and murder of White girls.
  • Asians refusing White customers in their shops and restaurants.
  • And the list goes on ….

The most typical and yet oddest case of “racist” or “hate speech” is when a White person attempts to make a complaint about any of the above and the person making the complaint is often accused of “racism” themselves for merely voicing a grievance, because non-Whites carrying out discriminatory practices against Whites are protected by the accepted customs of political correctness. Society laughs this off as a form of deserved “reverse racism” and does absolutely nothing about it. Hate speech laws are nothing more than the government protecting the hate speech of non-Whites while destroying the morale of Whites who do believe in actual equal rights or those who rightly wish to separate themselves such as we Creators do and pursue their lives with the same self determination guaranteed to ALL non-Whites. Hate speech laws as practiced in Australia are an attempt by the federal and state governments of Australia to prevent any further resistance to the cultural extermination and eventual genocide of White Australians! Doubt me? Take a look at modern South Africa; that is the future of Australia.

The intention of the government is to crush all disagreement with policies such as “Sorry Day” and changes to National Holidays such as ANZAC Day and Australia Day to make them completely multicultural/multiracial, with any emphasis on White Australian culture denounced as “racist” in origin and practice. If this policy comes to fruition, all political dissidents not towing the politically correct line will be silenced.

It has already been stated by local governments and the media that White Australians carrying or bearing the Australian flag on a National Holiday should be picked up by the police and forced to move on or be charged with whatever offences possible.

In the United States, orders that originated with Jewish Supremacist group, the Anti-Defamation League (known as the Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia) were passed out to law enforcement agencies around the country ordering them to harass any White person who looks like they may be an American Patriot. i.e. Flag carrying, bumper sticker wearing White Americans, former soldiers – anyone that may be construed as in opposition to the latest, freedom hating governmental bureaucracy in control today. And if you believe that can not happen in Australia, then I am informing you now that it is already happening. I recently put a Southern Cross on the back window of my car and I’ve already had police following me around without reason. It has nothing to do with my driving, the condition of my car or how it looks, as my car is in good condition and is a generic, run of the mill locally made vehicle in a sea of hotted-up and race-ready from the factory cars – but it does have that Southern Cross on the back window and that’s what makes it different to the others. And according to the media, Aboriginal supremacist groups, your average left-wing liberal, ad nauseam …, just that symbol alone shows that I am a White patriot and that makes me a “Nazi,” which means I am fare game for any form of abuse by the modern political police and petty government bureaucrats.

So if you are unsure, pay attention: Today, if you are White, you have already lost the right to call attention to anti-White government policies. Today you are not allowed to call self-hating White race-traitors to account for their actions. Today, if you are White, you are not permitted to call attention to the racist behaviour of non-Whites. Yet today, even though every avenue of complaint for White people is blocked by bureaucracy, it is still not illegal to be a White dissident. Tomorrow will not be so easy. Tomorrow, even the thought of standing up for yourself will be a criminal offence. So stand up for yourself and your children’s future now, because when tomorrow comes, it will be too late. For tomorrow, we go to war.

When you wake up, come and join us at Creator Forum, where the fightback has already begun.


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