Munich: Muslim Gunmen Herd and Shoot German Shoppers

* At Least Nine Dead, More Wounded
* Three Muslim Terrorists Escape
* Police and MSM Attempt to Shift Blame to White Nationalist Germans

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What are the police trying to hide? What story are they trying to concoct? Trying to blame Whitey?

Munich: Muslim Gunmen Herd and Shoot German Shoppers

From The Sun (UK)

GERMANY GUN RAMPAGE ‘Six dead’ as three gunmen target Munich shoppers as video shows shots fired outside McDonald’s and reports emerge of second shooting at metro station

Danny Collins and Guy Burchall | The Sun (UK) | 22 July 2016

Extract: A photo has emerged showing a man shot dead outside a McDonald’s restaurant.

Images emerging from the scene appear to show numerous victims lying on the floor of the mall.

Further images have emerged that appear to show gunmen outside a McDonald’s and on the roof of a car park as reports of further shootings filter through.

Disturbing video appears to show victims being herded away from the shopping mall towards a gunman waiting at nearby Mcdonald’s.

Terrified people can be seen fleeing towards a man brandishing a hand gun before he unleashes a hail of bullets.

Munich: Muslim Gunmen Herd and Shoot German Shoppers

Reports suggest the shooting has ceased, but police are yet to confirm whether the assailant has been arrested.

From 9 News (Australia)

“Unconfirmed reports of more violence and possible gunfire in the City Centre. Situation is unclear. Please avoid public areas,” the official Munich Police account posted on Twitter.

Authorities are trying to evacuate people from the Olympia mall but many remain in hiding.

It’s the second attack in Germany in less than a week.

On Monday, a 17-year-old Afghan wounded four people in an axe-and-knife attack on a regional train near the Bavarian city of Wuerzburg, and another woman outside as he fled.

From News Ltd (Australia)

While a motive for the attack has not been confirmed, reports have emerged that the gunmen may have been right-wing extremists rather than Islamists.

Local media examined a video believed to have been filmed at the scene of the attack, which comes exactly five years after [s]white supremacist[/s] [color=red]JEW LOVING[/color] mass killer Anders Breivik murdered 77 people in Norway.

In the video, a man carrying a rifle can be heard shouting racist obscenities up to people filming him from a balcony.

“I was born here! … I am German,” the shooter can be heard saying. “Ihr Scheißtürken!” – “You *ing Turks!”

Witness Luan Zequiri told local broadcaster n-tv that he heard the attacker yell an anti-foreigner slur, followed by “a really loud scream”.

YouTube Comments

Is it possible that he talked about being bullied in the first few seconds?
He shouts something that very eerily sounds like “Wegen euch wurde ich gemobbt”, which translates to “I was bullied because of you [people].”

Yes, he said “Because of you I’ve been bullied for 7 years!”

“Wegen euch wurde ich gemobbt, 7 Jahre lang. Und jetzt muss(te?) ich ‘ne Waffe kaufen um euch abzuknallen.”

/( ._.)/ KriegerMate
He shouts “Im a German” – “I was born here, in the i think”

The conversation is between an old guy and a young guy (the shooter) who both seem to be native German speakers, filmed by a family speaking a foreign language from their balcony.

Transcript of what I understood:

Old guy: you asshole, you …
Old guy: you are a wanker, an asshole
Young guy: … now I needed to buy a weapon
Old guy: yes a weapon, somebody needs to hit you on the head
Young guy: damn turks, *ing kanacken (immigrants)
Old guy: hey! he has gun, he is in …
Old guy: he has his gun loaded, call the cops, he is walking around
Young guy: I am german
Old guy: you are a wanker
Young guy: … a german
Old guy: a dumb* you are
Old guy: what kind of * are you doing
Young guy: I am born here in the Hartz 4 area (poor area)
Young guy: … in treatment
Old guy: yes in treatment you asshole
Young guy: I havent done anything
Young guy: shut up
Old guy: hey! he is walking on the upper deck. He is walking around over there, you dumb*s
Old guy: you asshole, shooting … dumb idiot

Merim Cosic
+M01D25 thanks for transcript.that old guy is a legend, he is just relentless and his voice is powerful as * :D. The family filming is probably Bosnian Muslim judging by accent. The female members urge the guy filming to go inside and when the shots hit balcony he tell “mater svoju u picku” (may he(shooter) * his own mother) which is Bosnian equivalent of term mother*er.

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