KRudd’s decision – Greenhouse effect will cost everyone

Mark Kenny, Political Editor, Canberra: The Advertiser | 17 July 2008,,24028794-5006301,00.html

HOUSEHOLD electricity prices and other essential living costs will rise when the Government introduces an emissions trading scheme.

But pensioners, carers and the least well off will get tax cuts and increased welfare benefits to meet rising costs.

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong released the Government’s widely anticipated policy green paper yesterday, declaring the economy-wide impact would be “profound” and that there was no “cost-free way to tackle climate change”.

Describing climate change from unrestrained air pollution as “the greatest market failure the world has seen”, she committed Australia to a radical new cost structure which places a price on carbon pollution and imposes downstream price increases on virtually all goods and services. [more …]

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Why doesn’t the magnificent Prime Minister KRudd just say “Sorry” to the environment? It will fix everything.

Posted by: Cailen Cambeul of Adelaide 9:19am today
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