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Jones, 2GB ordered to pay Trad $10k

| December 22, 2009

The radio broadcaster Alan Jones and his employer 2GB have been ordered to pay $10,000 in damages and apologise to the Muslim leader Keysar Trad. …

The tribunal said the broadcasts included Mr Jones’ view that Australia is not a multi-racial but a mono-cultural society, and that this mono-culture was under threat from the “enemies within.”

Mr Jones spoke about “car hoons” – which he identified as “Lebanese Muslim youths” – and their disrespect for police.

The tribunal says Mr Jones also interpreted an allegedly inflammatory speech by a Lebanese-Australian cleric as an excuse for or incitement of sexual assaults by Muslim men upon non-Muslim women. …

The tribunal found that Mr Jones’ commentary, when taken as a whole, was unreasonable.

“Rather than dispassionately analysing the evidence and commenting on it, Mr Jones appears to have been induced or stimulated by his own preconceptions to place highly exaggerated and distorted interpretations on the few objective facts apparently known to him,” the ruling said.

“Sometimes you get the impression they don’t realise how much hurt and how much risk their comments create,” he said.

“They create risk of harassment, risk of physical abuse and risk of intimidation, risk of loss of jobs.”

Yet when the media exaggerate and lie about adherents of the one and only White racial religion, Creativity, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission don’t want to hear a word of it and any complaints to the Australian Press Council result in the Press Council bending over backwards to find any actual instances of racial and religious vilification of White people or Creators as non-existent. It then goes on to reinforce the original article’s examples of racial and religious vilification. The decision from the Australian Press Council in relation to a smear article by one of Australia’s media hacks can be found below the original article and comment at the bottom of the page.

Yes, the media with their unfounded stories do “create a risk of harassment, risk of physical abuse and risk of intimidation, risk of loss of jobs,” – I for one can testify to that fact – and I did point that out to the Australian Press Council and Human Rights Commission, but when you are White and not a follower of a megabucks multicultural religion, you and your beliefs just do not matter one iota to august bodies like the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, and the Australian Press Council.

Get a move on White Australia, your time is fast running out.