How To Steal Wheelbarrows And Other Valuables

There is a story about a man who worked in a large factory who devised an ingenious plan of stealing property from the company he worked for. Each day when his shift was over and he checked out the gate past the plant guard he would push a wheelbarrow with a canvas tarp over it. The guard was suspicious that he was stealing something and each time the guard would lift the tarp to check if there were some hidden items under it. But there never was anything in the wheelbarrow. This went on for about a month and the guard became more exasperated as time went on. Finally in desperation he said to the man with the wheelbarrow: “Look, I know you are stealing something. If you will tell me what, I’ll forgive your previous thefts. Now, what is it you have been stealing? The man replied, “Wheelbarrows.”

In a similar con game the White Race is being robbed of its most valuable treasure — its racial genes. The White Man knows he is being robbed, but he is so confused and befuddled he is not clear of what he is being robbed, nor by exactly whom. So he is busily engaged defending the frivolous from unknown thieves. While his most precious treasure is being looted and demolished, he is looking in the wrong direction. He is looking under the tarp, but he is not seeing the wheelbarrow. This same sleight-of-hand trick has been employed by so-called magicians for generations. The trick is to wave a red handkerchief with one hand in order to attract attention while the other hand is busily engaged in manipulating something else, but goes by unnoticed.

In order to expose the heinous tragedy that is overwhelming the White Race let us start by first of all identifying the culprit, and that culprit is the master of deceit, that master sneak of all time, the international Jew, or more broadly, the worldwide Jewish network. It is this Jewish network that is not only robbing the White Man blind, but destroying him, mongrelizing him, and enslaving the mongrelized offspring for all eternity. At least that is the objective, and it is going forward at an ever increasing tempo. The Jew has many treacherous tools with which to do the job. He is waving many red handkerchiefs and the White Man’s eye is not on the scene of the crime. The White Man is very much confused and distracted.

The distractions are many and come from various directions. Some of these are : Christianity, booze, drugs, the “world situation”, (especially Israel!) and a thousand different pieces of  ...

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