How Much Longer ?

Pretoria. Beeld journalist Hilda Fourie and medical doctor ‘LP’ – A surgeon and other medical personnel – aghast at the horrendous injuries inflicted on an Afrikaner student in Pretoria yesterday – launched a fundraising campaign to pay a reward to the man who captured the girl’s torturer-rapist. Medical personnel also plan to hold a demonstration during the arrested black man’s remand-appearance on Monday between 9:45am and 10:15am outside the Pretoria magistrate’s court to protest against the brutality inflicted on the girl.

The 22-year-old Afrikaner student was ‘virtually disected’, enduring 22 cuts and stabs by a butcher knife according to medical personnel – and then raped by a man who had apparently attempted to break into seven other apartments in the same security complex in Magalieskruin Pretoria where the student also lived. Seven residents of the security-complex had complained that someone had attempted to break into their flat before the girl was attacked. The black man was able to attack the woman inside her flat because she had just out her friends after Bible-studies – something which many Afrikaner families still do in their homes. The woman’s face, hands and legs were grossly carved up and mutilated. The gruesomely injured woman still managed to drag herself to her garden gate inside the security complex – where a resident heard her whispered ‘help me, help me’.

The resident rushed her to hospital. An orthotherapist was called in to try and repair the extensive injuries. Outraged medical personnel sent us the following description of the mutilations endured by the young Afrikaner woman : “The woman was virtually dissected and then raped by her attacker. This savage ordeal lasted several hours. “With time at his disposal the attacker waited for her in her secured apartment, and with a butcher knife stabbed her. ” He then took the knife and started to dissect her face by cutting open the nose, through the lips and ended under her chin.

She fought back fiercely – and he tried to stab out one of her eyes. A deep cut was made from her neck and stopped at her lung. All her fingers were then cut into : her left thumb was carved apart and was just hanging by its senews. Two other fingers’ senews were also cut through. The torturer then forced her to the bedroom and made very deep cutting wounds to her legs. After cutting main arteries on her body (she suffered 22 cuts and stabs in total) she was bleeding copiously, and then he raped her amidsts the bloodbath he had created around her.” Distraught medical personnel including the orthopaedic surgeon who rushed to help her, all were deeply angered and upset, said Dr “LP” – saying this was one of the worst cases of mutilation they had ever seen. South African medical personnel are used to having to treat very gruesome trauma-injuries : such as the ones inflicted upon the tens of thousands of Afrikaners which can be seen in all these albums :

WHERE DID THIS MAN LEARN TO HOW MUTILATE AND TORTURE PEOPLE FOR HOURS WITHOUT KILLING THEM ? It is believed that the attacker was caught, then escaped before he could be brought to the Pretoria North court on 31 October 2011 at 10am.Medical personnel had urged colleagues and friends to meet at the magistrate’s court in Pretoria North on Monday from 09h45 to 010h15 to protest against the girl’s torture-ordeal.

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“Make a poster with impact, protest against this brutality,’ said one of the medical staffers. In view of the fact that the ‘suspect’ was allowed to escape from the police-cell, it’s not known if this placard-protest will be suspended until he’s caught again. So he’s out there, on the loose, a man who is obviously very skilled in mutilating and torturing human beings for hours while keeping them alive. I wonder where he could have learned that ? Inflicting such long-term torture and gross mutilations on people is something which can only be learned in specific places : training camps for ‘child soldiers’ in Afrika springs immediately to mind. This man must be caught !” >Print Friendly Page