Global Warming is a Crock, But the Campaign For GW Heats Up

The Federal (Labor) Government has recruited celebrity left wing extremist, Cate Blanchett and other entertainment industry fat cats in a campaign to tell the rest of us that suicidal taxes are required for the average Australian and that we are all so well off (like the entertainment industry fat cats undoubtedly are), that we will not even notice the pennies missing from our pockets.

A media ideologist rightfully takes the Federal Government to task in its poor choice of street corner doom-sayers, but takes the opportunity to marginalise anyone that disagrees with his own extremist the Earth is doomed stance.

Forget Cate when it comes to climate

Adam Ferrier | The Australian | May 30, 2011

Extract: “Apart from some on the lunatic fringe everyone has already said yes – more or less. Yes, we all agree there is an issue with climate change, and yes we would like to do something about it.”

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Yes, you are an advertising guru that is 100% right on the reasons not to use Cate Blanchett for the campaign, but you are on the lunatic fringe that says let’s disregard history and only take into account weather stats since 1900 or so. The reality is very different to what those in your fringe camp think. The average person will accept anything, right or wrong if it does not interfere with their beer, TV and football, but will scrutinise everything to the infinite degree if it even threatens to interfere with their beer, TV and football – of that at least we can agree. But do not make the mistake of confusing the laissez-faire attitude of the average Australian as acceptance of man made climate change, and inquiry into the whys and wherefores of political exploitation as proof people are part of a lunatic (supposedly denialist) fringe, because it is sweeping statements like that which reveal to anyone capable of reading it, that you are talking from the lunatic (warmist) fringe.

Cailen Cambeul of Adelaide, SA.

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