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‘Disgusting’ website urged offensive against Indians

Mark Schliebs: | June 04, 2009,27574,25585087-421,00.html

AN Australian website urging a “hate offensive” against Indians was condemned as “disgusting”, while fears grow that racial tensions will escalate.

For the past six months, Melbourne man Patrick O’Sullivan has posted comments onto a white supremacy forum about how “evil” Indians were and urged others to participate in a “Summer hate offensive” in the Victorian city.

In a post just before Christmas, he asked for people to call him if they wanted to participate.

“For those of you in or nearby Melbourne, contact me. This summer a lot of Race Hate is occurring! RAHOWA!”

RAHOWA is understood to stand for Racial Holy War.

Senior police and Indian students deplored the web comments but police said they doubted they had caused a spate of assaults on Indian students, despite members of the forum pledging to join in the “offensive”.

Mr O’Sullivan, who was jailed in 2002 for stabbing a man who accused him of not being a Nazi due to his Irish blood, told that the posts were not intended to incite violence and that he was now a peaceful man.

He said his rallying call for a “Summer hate offensive” was a peaceful way to recruit people into the Creativity Movement, whose website describes itself as a “Progressive Pro-White Religion”.

In late November, Mr O’Sullivan posted a comment – using the name “RAWHOWA NOW” – on a neo-Nazi forum which said he was sick of “Dirty F**king Indians”.

“They infest the Melbourne area. I could write all day (about) how evil and putrid those scum are… one particularly infuriating thing about these curry n*ggers is their arrogance,” he said.

“I think this may seem (to have originated) from the apathy of Whites not putting tem (sic) in their place. Those browm (sic) maggots used to get spat on, tolchocked and on occasion even stabbed and/or hospitalised.

“I’m not saying to commit illegal acts, violence etc. This is merely and observation of mine.”

Amit Menghani, president of the Federation of Indian Students in Australia, said he thinks the comments were promoting “curry-bashing”.

The term “curry-bashing” is used to describe the hunting down of Indians and beating them.

“This kind of provocation must stop,” Mr Menghani said.

“It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Victorian Police commander Trevor Carter, whose beat covers Melbourne’s west, said that although the comments were “appalling”, the attacks on students were not believed to be racially motivated.

“There is an element of (racism), but the purpose is to steal property from people,” Mr Carter said.

Meanwhile The Australian reports that Indians in Australia are concerned an increasingly “hysterical” reaction in India and among local protestors to assaults and robberies on foreign students could create a backlash against their community.

Raj Natarajan, the outgoing president of the United Indian Associations of New South Wales, said his organisation was concerned about the “flow-on effect” for Australians of Indian background.

“I am proud to look like an Indian,” he said.

“I don’t want to look any other way. But I and my family are Australian citizens, and we are also proud of Australian society. It is tolerant, multicultural and friendly.

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“These attacks are a worrying trend, but I don’t believe they are racially motivated.

“Indian kids who live here are not complaining. They’re perfectly happy. They have lots of friends in the broader Australian community, and many are married to Aussies.”

On Sunday, Indian students blocked city streets in protest of a wave of up to 70 violent attacks against them in the past year but the protest itself turned into clashes with police.

Mr Natarajan sought to distance the broader Indian community from the rally, saying it was organised by visiting foreign students.

“It might have an impact on us by creating a backlash,” he said.

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Mr Patrick O’Sullivan is in no way a representative of Creativity in any religious sense, or of the White racialist cause. He is a foul mouthed, semi-literate thug that is dragged out by the media once every six to twelve months to hold up as the prime example of White “racists.” Ignore Mr O’Sullivan and ignore this media beat-up. Learn to think for yourselves and you will see through the façade of multiculturalism and the media’s part in it.