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Text errors in the 2008 NER and WMB


I heard that there is a cafuffle on the TCM forum because willhelm posted up the corrections to NER and WMB. It seems the CIA/FBI spooks on there who hate the Creativity Religion, stymie and interfere with it reallydo object to anyone trying to keep the doctrine consistent, legible and pure. That or they hate anyone correcting any errors so it doesn't make Ben Klassen look like an 8 year old. Afterall the normal intelligent upper 70% of White people might actually get interested in Creativity if it presents itself clearly as Ben Klassen intended.

here are the links

Okay, the errors in the 2008 edition of NER and the WMB: I have addressed them before - but as it has been some years since the last, and the topic is buried ... here we go again.

* Founder Klassen did make a number of errors in the first edition of Nature's Eternal Religion, most of which he corrected in the second edition. Note that Founder Klassen wrote in Canadian English, which (like Australian English) is a combination of American and British English, and angers both American and British readers, whom typically find fault with alternate forms of spelling. Founder Klassen's use of archaic terminology also finds fault with the younger generation of readers, whom cannot grasp the use of words not included in their New Revised Edition of the Abridged English Dictionary for the Modern Teen.

* After Founder Klassen's death, someone in the New COTC digitised the books in an error prone fashion, often times changing the text to suit themselves or to placate their new leader. This text ended up as HTML.

* As a member of the NCOTC/WCOTC, and having some ability with computers, I obtained my own electronic copies and later with the Creativity Alliance, set about editing them for reprint. As the old story goes, a profiteer got involved, took the first draft - still full of errors, but formatted with many errors removed - and went to print without the necessary proof reading. To compound upon his act of greed, the profiteer - instead of remaining with us to iron out the errors - stabbed us in the back and went to TCM, where he thought he could make the most profit. Reason: The moment the profiteer advertised his books in public, he was denounced far and wide (by three or four individuals) as a ZOG agent collecting addresses, selling a piss-poor home print version of the Holy Books of Creativity. The profiteer correctly deduced that the moment he switched to TCM, all that would change as they embraced his shoddy work, and we of the Alliance would clam up, keeping to the belief that even shoddy books such as the 2008 editions are better than none at all.

To put it bluntly, the shoddy 2008 editions are a source of income for a couple of individuals in TCM, and anyone who question's their profit margins will be denounced by the typical mob mentality that pervades those profiteering wiggers.

That is the reason why we do not release unfinished editions - even as electronic books. We have our own plans under way, and we will take all the time we need to get the books as perfect as possible. And then, if legitimate errors are found in our otherwise perfect editions, we will accept the fault as our own and get back to work on the next edition.

Thanks for the list of errors Reverend. When we have completed our work, we will be sure to compare it with the list of errors you supplied and see if there is anything else we need do before going to print.


Update: As I said above, we have our own editing and proof reading of our books currently in progress. In the meantime, I have edited the PDF versions of NER and the WMB to include the Corrections Document supplied by our good Reverend here. The corrections can be found at the end of each PDF.'sEternalReligion.pdf'sBible.pdf

StephenMasten (Prison):
The other day I felt compelled to post a comment on Creativity Movement forum after reading a post by a certain ‘Wilhelm,’ who had been selflessly and laboriously highlighting hundreds of errors in the online versions of Nature’s Eternal Religion. This fellow was kindly and helpfully bringing these errors to the attention of his fellow Creators that were in a position to make the online documents more perfect for public consumption. I was impressed and excited by what I saw. Sadly, others were not. Blandly and begrudgingly, some so-called Creator (a Croat going by the username ’Tormentor’), responded to this work, saying he would correct the html version as soon as possible (though as you will see, he would later completely contradict himself, both about him promise to correct the errors and the value of the errors being highlighted).

--- Quote from: Tormentor ---'ok, I'll find it useful and correct the errors in Creator Library version of NER.’
--- End quote ---

In my view this work would take a couple of hours, but even if it took all day it would be worth doing in order to make this wonderful masterpiece (NER) more presentable for online viewers, and of course conserve the dignity of Founder Ben Klassen.

I initially felt the urge to take the time to commend this Croat fellow for getting on with the job. But before I did, I made sure to check the website, or ‘library,’ to see if the corrections had been implemented. Lo and behold, they had not. Not even the first error that was highlighted, which could have been corrected by a simple cut and paste. Pure laziness.

So I replied to this individuals comment:

--- Quote from: Rev.Masten ---‘I just took a quick look at the library and no corrections have been made. Why is this?’
--- End quote ---

Immediately after I posted the above, I read his second comment, a reply to a certain James Logsdon, in which he stated the following:

--- Quote from: Tormentor ---‘I haven't started it yet, was busy. You can correct the books in doc or pdf if you can, I might correct the html version on Creator Library.’
--- End quote ---

Annoyed, I quickly gave him a piece of my mind:

--- Quote from: Rev.Masten ---‘You ‘might’ correct the html version? Might? What kind of lazy attitude is this? Do you love, and are you committed to, our glorious religion of CREATIVITY or what? Kindly pull your socks up and get your arse in gear. All you have to do is login to the site and correct the errors that Wilhelm has so assiduously and painstakingly highlighted. How long will that take? An hour or two? If that. :-/’
--- End quote ---

Then I responded to another user, ’TorontoCreator,’ who seemed to be (I may be wrong here) more open to reason:

--- Quote from: Rev.Masten ---‘Hello Toronto. See how much effort Wilhelm has put into highlighting all the errors in our Holy Text, even after being needlessly derided and mocked as a do-nothing by these people. Yet here is the response of this ‘Tormentor’ fellow after initially vowing to ‘correct the errors in Creator Library version of NER’: ‘I haven't started it yet, was busy. You can correct the books in doc or pdf if you can, I might correct the html version on Creator Library.’ Do you think this is an acceptable attitude? Frankly I find it sickening. Be well.’
--- End quote ---

Here is the haughty reply from this despicable degenerate, ‘Tormentor’:

--- Quote from: Tormentor ---‘Look, little fellow, I have no idea who you are, and you obviously have no idea who I am otherwise you would talk differently. I am certainly not going to explain to you the amount of work that I do every day for Creativity. People here know who I am, what I did and what I do, to you I have no reason to explain it. About your question why hasn't it been done yet and well it will be, my answer is, I was very busy as am always and it will be done when I get some free time, it might be this weekend it might be in a month, none of your concern. If you really want to know I am the guy that created Creator Library and made all those html versions in all those languages, that's around 2000 files, that is just about Library and people here know of my other work, which never stops. Now, if you really want to do something, beside provoking, both you and Wilhelm, which I assume is the same person in the first place, you should correct those html versions or PDFs if you like on your own, but no, you haven't done it. Finding errors is fine, so why not correcting it? Go ahead do it, why waiting? I guess you have a lot of free time so correct it, I haven't seen you are doing a lot of projects so you are some busy man, while on the other hand I am. For the record, I need to explain something to folks who are not well familiar with computers. If both of these characters wanted to correct PDF or doc versions of files they could have done it on their own a long time ago. Another thing, finding mistakes in a text is no job at all, you just put it in word file and turn on ''grammar and spelling'' check, and it instantly shows errors. The whole time these characters wasted on copying those mistakes and putting a list of it, at the same time they could have corrected those same mistakes. This shows what kind of Creators they are, and that pisses me off. Instead of correcting errors, they chose to rub it on our noses and now this clown even ''demands'' explanation why I haven't done it? At the same time that clown obviously doesn't realize that he is the one that should be correcting it since English is his own language while my native language is not English, although I speak it perfectly.

I must say one more thing, while I have been very and extremely tolerant towards all those who provoke us with this kind of attitude, I must say that I will not tolerate it anymore. No, certainly not. We have whole playground full of creatures behind internet anonymity pretending to be some important figures who will dictate who is right and what has to be done etc, while in reality they have done almost nothing for Creativity.
But again, trust me brothers, we will overcome such obstacles and backstabbing, that's why I will do those corrections when I have spare time, but these clowns will always be remembered as provocateurs.’
--- End quote ---

He then followed with:

--- Quote from: Tormentor ---‘As I already explained the time Wilhelm spent into highlighting errors he could have corrected the errors. Finding errors is no job as I explained, computer finds them for you, so he didn't do anything, except wasting time on copying the and posting them online.
Furthermore, next time you log in I expect you apologize to me for calling me sickening, or I will delete you, simply because I, as one of the most active Creators around and probably 10 times more active than yourself, am not going to be degraded in such a way. Be well, as you say.’
--- End quote ---

Why are these people so utterly obnoxious? So disagreeable and mean? So determined to push intelligent and well-meaning people away from them and Creativity? What on earth has gone wrong in their messed up lives to make them such vile creatures?

Anyway, I could spend an hour examining and highlighting the stupidity of the above response from ’Tormentor’ - such as how imperfect the writer’s English is, though he claims to speak it perfectly; how brainless it is to think that he can correct errors in a text using grammar and spellcheck when the errors are not necessarily spelling mistakes (rather words being changed) and some of the text is missing, something that the most sophisticated grammar and spellcheck software in the universe could not detect - but I won’t even bother.

These people are beyond reason. And to demonstrate just how unreasonable they are, shortly after this idiot from Croatia responded to me, my account on that website was arbitrarily deleted, as I imagine was the account of this mystery ‘Wilhelm,' whoever that person may be. For now we are mere ‘clowns’ who ‘will always be remembered as provocateurs.’ What absolute scum they are. :-/

As for this Croatian, ‘Tormentor,’ it seems that everything that comes out of this individual is negativity and condescending contempt for others. Again it makes me wonder, what on earth went wrong in this persons life? This isn’t normal behaviour, is it? It’s like he and others are using Creativity as a platform to project their depraved misanthropy, something that is anything but Creativity.

I hope that other readers of that forum have noticed this crazy reaction to well meaning attempts to be doctrinally correct, rather than allow our religion to become a nonsense that could end up saying anything.   How about if the letter "w" was removed from "Jews" so it stated "Jets" instead?!  That example is not really much of an exaggeration.

The point is - that there is no point promoting Creativity at all-  if the first impression people get of it is to laugh at it because Creators cannot spell. If the aim of TCM is to recruit the kind of barely literate  trailer park trash that Ben Klassen would have had sterilised then they are aiming to the lowest dirty 10% of the White Race.

Personally I only come into social contact with University graduates and the well educated. I generally shun people I deem stupid because they are a liability.

Ultimately any footwork put out to promote Creativity is useless until there is a stock of well written propaganda and correctly spelt books!

Ben Klassen often made business metaphors. Here is one.

You have a sales team that go door to door trying to sell and advertise cars of the Car show room that employs them. They go out in all weathers and get repeatedly knocked back and demoralised but like Mormons or Jehovahs witnesses they persevere. Then when someone actually goes to the car show room to purchase-  the customer finds there are people fighting and rolling on the floor. Not only that but the cars are scratched, have no wheels and no engines. The customer turns away in disgust.

The Books have to be sorted out or it is pointless. I can tell you this because this is the reaction of everyone I have tried to sell Creativity to in the last 10 years

One can only surmise that when Matt Hale was incarcerated TCM was immediately seized by the FBI and run into the ground by its agents within. They must be laughing their heads off.


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