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I really think this forum should be publicly viewable. The point should surely be that anyone can access the forum to see what Creativity is about in a good light. I don't mind posting as a propaganda exercise to convert people but having the forum only for Creators is just preaching to the converted.
This means the publics' introduction to Creativity is only via the Creativity Movement forum, which is more likely to put a reasonable person off rather than convert them or bring them to the cause.

It has been tried before and didn't gain us a thing.

Partially hidden forums give people the impression that what is public is all there is.

Completely open forums give too much ammunition for those that want to manipulate people's words and posts.

Completely hidden means they have to join the forum. If they then try to screw with us in a legal or illegal manner, we at least have a record of their IP and email address.

Nevertheless, whether to go public or not to go public will be regularly reviewed to decide what is best for our particular needs.


Agreed.  Either hidden or partially hidden is the way to go.  It puts more cards in our stack that way.

BTW, there are a few webpages that allow throwaway registrations and email addresses, where someone puts in the registration info and then gets to surf around for free.  Watch out for these in the IP address lists. is something similar to it, for example.

I still feel that the forum has to be a place someone can stumble into by chance. People have a strong sense of fate and destiny in their psychology. If someone comes across the forum, they feel they've discovered something valuable. It just seems a chore to register. Any forums I come across where I have to register I just skip.
I can't post any links to this forum site either as all anyone interested gets is the registration form.
You could maybe try it for a while or sporadically, unless you are too busy to moderate the site.

with all due respect i think you are wrong if people come across the site and simply skips it. then in my opinion the chance of them becoming active is very small.
as for not being bothered to register once again the chance is small, that there only looking around. and once again there not  the type to become active.
if the site is open to all then just like other sites it gets full with ZOG lovers and right wing nutters just wasting time and doing nothing but putting people off helping our race. there is more to our fight than skinheads hitting people and getting bad press
( by the way i am an original skinhead from the uk ) there is lots of people out there who would join the fight for our race if it was not for this type. we need more thinkers and activists than nutters with big boots. and if the site was open to all thats what would happen. just look at the other sites 


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