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Professional Writer To Update NER & WMB

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I think we should hire or recruit professional writers (probably get some in college forums) to make an update of natures eternal religion and white mans bible.

If not a complete replacement of religious body meat in favor of the update, at least another companion in a sub-branch of additions.

We can try to find what we consider the most currently important updates and have the writer try to slip that in there.

As for writing style, I think we should keep it in the Klassen format styling so that as you read it, it still has that "Klassen" feel as far as how the words and topical mental thought process presentation were constructed.

The statistics need updating and a chapter on the churches current history and situation can be included.

The original is still very good.

I have been giving this some thought. In the past when i have suggested any update etc some people got a little hot about it. we need to keep in mind that we dont believe in an afterlife or gods spooks and so on. so our founder will not be turning in his grave if we bring everything up to date. times change and so does circumstances. If our founder was still here. He would be constantly making updates on all aspects of his methods and thoughts. We cant get bogged down simply keeping things  because he is not here to change it himself. there has been lots of changes in the church since he died, so a section on history between now and then would be a good thing to include. Don't let sentimentality make us live in the past.

In response to proposals to allow updates and changes to our Holy Books, there is only one response: No! In Founder Klassen's words, the text of our Holy Books is "inviolable." That means that the Holy Writ is never to be altered, infringed upon by the unfaithful, or dishonoured.

Regarding Statistics: If we were to update everything that Founder Klassen included so that it was correct as of now, then we would be updating every six months. We can, however, write more books and add to the Little White Book (which is a compilation) as we see fit - provided, of course, that any additions are authorised by the Guardians of the Faith Committee.

What Additions? Founder Klassen himself made additions. Nature's Eternal Religion used to be referred to as the White Man's Bible until Founder Klassen wrote what is effectively Book III of NER, titled the White Man's Bible.

The next time we go to print, NER and the WMB will say as much on the cover and the title page.

Further Additions? See Racial Loyalty Newspaper,7402.0.html and the succeeding books printed from the main articles in Racial Loyalty. That is where you see Creativity evolving from its foundations as a brilliant idea, to a religion oriented Book Club and eventually to a bona fide religious community.

Church History? Covered in Founder Klassen's two autobiographies: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs, and Against the Evil Tide. We have further expanded on that history in a deliberately non-inflammatory way with Eventually we will print our history from after Founder Klassen's death to the present day. It will however be written by many Creators, who will add their personal experiences and thereby give it that same, first person, You Are There feeling, that Founder Klassen's biographies do. After all, it is the continuing biography of our living, evolving Church.

New Updates? That is what Creator Forum is for. If anyone wants more, I suggest that they take up editing Racial Loyalty. With so much else on my plate, I don't have the time to dedicate to RL, but for anyone that wants to volunteer to take on that task, I will design the template for RL and supply them with the software, if needed. Remember, to us, just as the old RL is the historical archive of yesteryear's Church, any publication of RL today becomes the future archives of today's Church - Forums and websites do not last forever, but we can ensure that our best articles and comments do last forever, by making them the basis for the modern RL.

Everything is there. Instead of concentrating on our two main Holy Books and forever looking to update them, people should be seeking to expand upon Creativity's Holy Library. If you cannot write but are capable of editing, I can put you to work.


Absolutely not! To alter a religious text actually invalidates it as a religious text! for a start no one is qualified to alter the text but the religious founder.
 If any part of it is altered it can all be altered, in which case there would be a million different versions and schisms ergo the Religion would have been annihilated!
The judeo/christian bible forbids any alteration and heaps all the curses of the bible on who would alter the text. Not withstanding the various translations and errors of the last 2000 years have rendered the Bible a completely different beast to the original hebrew/greek. In comparison the Talmud/ jewish biblical texts are  word for word identical to the archaeological versions.
Likewise hindu Veddas and the Koran are unalterable from their classical versions of antiquity. Alterations to the Koran are punishable by death. So should it be with the Creativity Religion.
What Islam does allow for is for commentaries on the Koran or analysis. These are considered by mullahs and scholars and those of merit are considered hadiths. If someone wishes to write a commentary or analysis of the original Creativity texts then this would be permitted so long as it is a separate book.

That is why I suggested they be presented not as a replacement to the original but as an attributed work. 

Like:  Natures Eternal Religion: 2050 Companion

No biggie if folks are against it. I was just thinking that there are more things we need to focus on and an update on the stats would be nice.


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