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The tiny print size here makes it almost impossible for me to participate with any ease. Yes ,I am old and yes I do have reading glasses. Is there some way I can possibly remedy this on this site?

I had registered here about a year ago,but failed to return as the process of getting here each time is often so cumbersome, as opposed with the ease and convince of Stormfront.

I, as I would suppose, several others do return here; as SF seems to be systematically trying to limit Creator activity and or suggestions; and seems to lean far more to the conservative side, while defending an ever increasing list of questionable ideas from drugs use to gays and minorities.

I would like to contribute more here and would frequent this location more if it were a bit more convenient and easier to use.

I don't know what web browser you are using, but this might work the same: In Opera Web Browser, you can just hit the + key (plus sign)  on your keyboard and it will enlarge everything to a more suitable size for you.

Other than that, most web browsers have standard font (text) settings that you can change to whatever is most suitable for you.

Stormfront? They use different software. Other than comparing generalities, it's like comparing apples and oranges. Sometimes the choice of software and even the theme we use places limitations for what we can do to improve this forum. And sometimes, we are just plain stubborn.


Thanks for the help.I found the zoom and uped it to 150%,which is a whole lot better.

As you found six years ago, Brother Drake, using the zoom on a web browser is always best, but nevertheless, since I was redesigning the forum theme, I've made three versions of the same including a Large Print version.

You can choose your theme here;area=theme

Thanks, I appreciate the help. Keep  up the fine work.


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