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I have been noticing that several forums I visit have a section for blogging. I was wondering if there are any plans to add this feature? I have been thinking about making a blog to document my transition into a Creator and would like to do it here if possible. Thanks.

There are several places on your profile to leave text, images and notes for other people to read. A new Personal Notes box has been added down the bottom of your profile.

I doubt whether blogging software can be added to this forum. This isn't community software like MySpace, it's just a forum. However, we've installed an optional profile in a different format you may use if you prefer. It's called Ultimate Profile. You can find it by clicking on PROFILE at the top of the forum and choosing it from the links in the column on the left of your screen.

I have set my own profile up as an example Ultimate Profile.;u=9 Make the comparisons and choose which you think is best.

Update 38 AC: All Church Members are encouraged to create their own blogs. Software and space are supplied free of charge at If there is an already established blog for your region, then contact the local representatives and participate in the blogging process with them.


We also supply free blogs to members of the Creativity Alliance who want them.


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