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An Amnesty.


You know I was just reading the TCM forum and there just seems so much bitchiness and pointless venom and nastiness at times. I don't have any of that in me at all. I think a general amnesty should be announced to all ex= Creators.

I don't mean giving responsibility to unstable people or giving out free books. Just that if someone was a Creator or Reverend in the past and would still like to be, and they can help spread the Religion I just don't have a problem with it.

Creators are so dispersed no one need meet and develop personal animosity. Just promote Creativity slowly and steadily in their own way.

I remember when rudy STANKO was supposed to take over. Now I remember at that time I was in contact with Ben Klassen and I told him not to expect too much. The guy had done time in prison and would want a rest, time with his family etc before he could take over. Ben Klassen didn't like it and ignored me and his say was final. Its just I don't think he understood real psychology. I thinkRudy STANKO was ok but just subjected to too much pressure.

The same with lots of Creators. The drop out rate just seems too extreme. I honestly think people should be forgiven and if they can promote Creativity all well and good. I don't think any Creator is a lost soul and even Burdi might change his ways in future and repent.

I agree with you on all points except for Burdi. If he'd left and kept quiet it would be different. That he left and toured the media circuit advocating multi-racialism means he's done his dash - to say the least. At a stretch, the best I could ever say for Burdi is that if he became palatable again, it could only be as a Supporter of our Church.

As for the rest, people come, people go. Their living situation changes and they mature. Or sometimes they go insane and their life falls apart, and some go senile. We've seen them all and should always accept those returning on their own value - Not carte blanche acceptance.



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