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Koliko je bezbedna hrana i kako odabrati nezagađeno voće i povrće
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Излажимо себе чистом, здравом околином: свежем, незагађеном ваздуху, чистој
води и терапији од директних сунчевих зрака свакодневно.МАЛА БЕЛА КЊИГА - Бен Класен
Have you been lied to about the dangers of Sun exposure? Most of us have, and this video is going to teach you about 10 shocking benefits of Sun Exposure you've probably never heard of...

Humans have been playing in the sun for 200,000+ years, so scaring you with Lies about the dangers of Sun exposure is bad. This video will give you the courage you need to start getting the healthy tan your body needs for optimal health.


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