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2024-01-30, 22:01:22
RaHoWa!!! Good to be back! 🤚🏻


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Edit: WE BEAT 'EM! F.T.V!


2023-07-24, 01:07:37
White Rights Right Now!
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Another Win!
She was Rehired


2023-07-06, 11:47:20
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Audio Book
Eternal Religion

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2023-02-21, 15:17:30
Are you reading NER? You should be. It's Founding Day. ;D RaHoWa!!! Hail Ben Klassen!!!


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2023-02-20, 18:48:05
75 flyers out this month. This is the last week of February. Are you getting your flyers out? R!


2023-02-13, 14:38:06
Put a flyer on or near a town sign. Take a pic & upload it to our Gallery.

Spread the Word of R!


2023-02-11, 05:32:36
25 flyers a week is all it takes, my fellow Prospects. Show your dedication and march forth with pride. RaHoWa!!!


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2022-08-19, 22:07:58
Call out the Jewish menace daily.


2022-03-10, 09:28:45
March 10 RaHoWa Day
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2022-02-27, 01:49:13
The Church of Creativity thanks Sister Kerry's generous donation to PM Joe. RaHoWa!


2022-02-21, 06:44:59
Happy Holy Days! RaHoWa!


2022-02-21, 01:06:40
Feb 21 Founding Day
1st Publication of NER
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2022-02-20, 09:59:17
Feb 20 Klassen Day
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2022-02-07, 05:53:00
The Church of Creativity thanks Sister Kerry's generous donation to PM Joe. RaHoWa!


2022-01-20, 03:38:36
Happy Ray Day!


2022-01-18, 02:34:01
PM Joe just called and wishes everyone a

James Earl Ray Day



2022-01-16, 15:26:24
Happy to help. :ok


2022-01-09, 05:14:12
P.M. Joe thanks @Br.FelixRex for his latest donation. R! :ok


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Today is the Seventh
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Today is Purity Day


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Today is the Sixth Day
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Today is Law Day


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Today is the Fifth Day
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Today is Memorial Day


2021-12-29, 09:37:30
Today is the Fourth Day
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& West Victory Day

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Today is Ingenuity Day


2021-12-28, 03:24:54
Today is the Third Day
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Today is Unity Day


2021-12-27, 21:12:59
We need more nigger free holidays! Happy Festum Album >:D


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Today is the Second Day
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Today is Destiny Day


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Today is the First Day
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2021-10-07, 12:33:10
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2021-09-28, 15:02:24
I agree with you Rev Cambeul. Fags must be killed using pneumatic cattle stunners and thrown into the trash compactors of garbage trucks before being thrown into the furnaces of waste-to-electricity power plants to be used as fuel for electric power generation and the production of ash fertilizer and fly ash concrete strengthener. RaHoWa! White Power!


2021-09-28, 15:00:09
It is great news to know that high testosterone badass Rev Joe Esposito is being released in 2023. He is a great asset to the White Power Movement! RaHoWa! White Power!


2021-09-07, 09:10:12
Kiddy fuckers are the worst kind of Faggotry. Gassing is too good for them. They need to be crucified.


2021-07-31, 07:34:02


2021-07-30, 06:37:18
R! Rev. Joe free in 23!


2021-07-29, 13:18:16
P.M. Joe sends @Br.FelixRex his thanks for his latest donation. RaHoWa!


2021-07-22, 14:20:08
Rev. Cambeul: in response to your comment about Zac Wylde opposing the idea that White Pride is equal to Black Pride. I believe that he is a fucking fag that should be gassed.

Continues @ Link

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Creativity Religion / Re: Creator Media
Last post by Rev.Cambeul - Today at 5:27
Quote from: LeaderlessResistanceMedia on Today at 2:08this AI-voice is better than anything Hale or Costello could have voiced of the Creativity books), so we should start with the book narrator before any focus on somebody being like a new Rockwell-type for Creativity.

You're doing an excellent job, brother, but I think you'll send yourself crazy trying to please all the people all the time. Stick with the good Klassen AI for the Holybooks. Other versions will tend to diminish the Klassen product. They were Klassen's books, keep them with Klassen's unique voice. Don't go Hollywood.

You can use your new voice for the CA Handbook if you like; that, after all, is not Klassen's work. It's mine.

To me, what's important are the Holybooks in Klassen AI, and the Church Anthem (and the other half dozen or so I have to go with them) as Johnny Horton. Anything else is just a bonus.

Do what is needed. I emphasise, do not try to please all the people, but by all means do what you feel you must to please yourself. We get little to no thanks as it is, so by all means do whatever you like and get a bit of that CREATIVE satisfaction that comes with a job well done. You can always embed everything you do in this forum. And if I think it appropriate, I'll add it to the main site.

Just one more thing, don't expect to be immune from the Jew. If demanded, they will obey their semitic masters.

AI-Klassen or Militant AI-Chronicler-Narrator?

We don't have to choose necessarily. I'll think I'll do all the Creativity books with this voice too. But what do you prefer? AI-Klassen - or the new AI-Chronicler-Narrator?

Even though it's nice to have AI-Klassen - audiobook with the founder and author of the books - doing the narration, and I will complete it... I do believe that a movie trailer or documentary type of book narrator would be even better and easily digested. I couldn't make AI-Klassen any better, it got as good as it could get, but if a voice is not fitting perfectly it's going to be sounding somewhat off for the purpose. Sure, for "Survival of the White Race" it sounded decent, but Ben Klassen exactly wouldn't work to voice audiobooks, like this new AI-voice do and it sounds modern, it's not from a 1976 sort of like tea party gathering-type of presentation. I don't think Klassen was such a great speaker or promoter, too much of a quiet private man that kept to himself to function as the Great Promotor of Creativity (and I also believe the Great Narrator of Creativity's books, although it's nice to have them created and it was good practice for me, it was the best yet audiobooks of the Creativity books - and they feel and are important to us of course and it's interesting to have the author of books himself narrating it through AI, to have existing and to posterity because it's almost like if he himself voiced them - but I feel for the general public and as to ourselves listening to the audiobooks it's not the ideal narration voice and we can do better, I felt I could better but I've looked before at ai voice sites and just got disappointed, but I just got the idea to look again to perhaps fine a better voice to clone and I guess I now know really good what is not sufficient and how it should sound and pinpoint the best ones), and he himself said so and you can hear it in his voice.

I googled "ai narrator text to speech" and I looked through several sites tried all the English voices how they sounded and if any would sound good reading the foreword of NER. I wasn't really sure what I was looking for, what they needed to sound like. There was some that resonated with me and several of them sounded like the best I've heard. The thing with these AI voices is that they sound kinda similar, like a promo voice for selling products, kind of sleazy, and don't work for audiobook narration. Here are some examples of some types I've encountered: 1) like a British Gentleman but you almost fall asleep listening to him, 2) sounds like an American farmer and country living kind of guy and his voice doesn't really fit for narrating religious philosophical books like Creativity's books, 3) voice that sound too young and high-pitched basically like a liberal know-it-all-but-really-indoctrinated-and-know-nothing university student and you get irritated listening to his voice for long, 4) sounds like a faggot, 5) a better voice but he just sounds too regular or not interesting enough, 6) gets on your nerves very quick with his uptight British over-class voice (this is similar to what James Costello was going for in his audiobook narrations), 7) the same almost but younger, and then... then you switch to "The Great Promotor" I call him and now you can hear a huge difference and improvement!, a US manly voice that sounds like he could narrate an action movie trailer or voice Tom Clancy-style spy fiction and military fiction books etc., his voice I thought just fitted for Klassen's writings, it's a narrator voice that sounds as interesting as the written word is - it complements it, instead of not doing it justice.

I cloned the voice and tried making NER-00-00 with it, and you can hear it in the above embedded mp3.

Basically it "just sound rights" to me. I didn't have to do any extra work with it using Auphonic etc to make it sound okay like I've done with AI-Klassen. It comes out sounding good as it gets generated and you save the file. So I'm really a bit shocked.

Listening to this, doesn't it get you excited and peaks your interest? Basically I'm hearing car chases and gun shots and rockets exploding in the background or something, it sounds like a commercial or movie trailer where it's action!-action!-action! happening, it's like the feeling you get with a good Nic Cage movie, that's a bit like the air of it, the mystique and generated interest and excitement. I can't imagine an audiobook voice sounding better than this. This sounds more epic and powerful than the Fallout game intro narrator that many are familiar with.

What do you think of this Cailen/other readers?

It might sound a bit silly that I'd remake the audiobooks all over again with this new voice, but I'll put it on my mp3-player and listen to it and see if it still sounds as good to me listening to it a few times, right now it seems to sound like a REAL American narrator/documentary movie or action movie narrator voice (I've listened through basically of Eleven Labs English voices in their library and they all sound somewhat synthetic to me, I'm not convinced it's a real super narrator-human one of a a kind mysterious unknown underground revolutionary insurgent outlaw Creator doing the narration in a bunker somewhere (sort of like what I guess Tom Metzger was going for with his radio show narration) doing the talking like with this AI-voice), and not just like some older American rich gentleman genius trained by Toastmasters for giving speeches and presentations in a gentlemanly way to a gathering of cultured intelligent successful rich gentlemen and ladies who is giving a presentation about "The Survival of the White Race", which is what the AI-Klassen is, and so I don't think it strikes fire for that reason. That was a decent experiment that turned out pretty good, but I think we can do even better and produce the ultimate audiobooks of the Creativity books that will blow everybody's minds and will sound just as good as anything voiced for voiceovers or that voice actors do to narrate audiobooks etc. Here is a voice actor at Fiverr, I can't say that I would really "be proud to put out" audiobooks of Creativity's book if they sounded like that, that type of nerdy tech guide videos at youtube-voice just doesn't fit for reading Nature's Eternal Religion (this new AI-voice doesn't sound "lively" for instance and that wouldn't be fitting, it's just good that it sounds stoic, manly, and it raises your testosterone or fire in your belly by the way he's talking - and I wouldn't call it a monotone voice but rather that he's consistently talking in a fiery way like giving marching orders to soldiers instead of just la-la-la the White Race is an crisis la-la-la, you can't really have it in another style of narration, basically that is what I think AI-Klassen hits me the wrong way because then Creativity books sound like a presentation given to a crowd of pensioners or something, it doesn't get me excited and fired up, basically the new AI-voice sounds epic and militant and like a Creator Soldier/White Ranger while AI-Klassen sounds like listening to your/someone's nice grandpa talk at a dinner table because that what it almost was, I think perhaps it's the manly raspiness and military soldier-like quality of the new AI-voice that makes you immediately pay attention and why it works so good to narrate the militant creed of Creativity - it basically needs someone like that with those voice qualities, like a military or army leader, sort of like how Hitler was when he started, it sort of sounds like an American Hitler narrator, if he had had a slight German-English accent it would have sounded similar to how Hitler documentaries when voicing Hitler in English when for instance reading from Mein Kampf tends to sound like, meaning a fanatical militant racist soldier etc. so I think it's great and perfect for this use! How could it be better?), it has to be something like this AI-voice which I call The Great Narrating Chronicler, that's basically what we need to narrate the Creativity books (I would say the AI-Klassen audiobooks are good for sort of like a digital document of interest since it's the founder narrating them so-to-speak), it's different from how a normal book narrator sounds. He doesn't sound like an Orator or Promoter or Agitator, he sounds like he is a narrating chronicler or vice versa (a Chronicler is a person who writes accounts of important or historical events, and to me that's a lot of what the Creativity books are about and what Ben Klassen was, and so you just need a Voice to add to that make it come a life, and this Great Narrating Chronicler is it, which is different from the type of Great Promoter leader that Klassen envisoned - sort of like a new Hitler, that would promote Creativity - and Matt Hale and James Costello thought he was going to become. But I think everybody might agree that we'd first need a Great Book Narrator before we can find or it would be any idea of a Great Creativity Promoter giving speeches, because White people have to know Creativity first (I was amazed when I read at the Hale trials that his closest associate had only read the first part of NER, and that many in the T.C.M. then according to Logsdon basically said "What church/version of the Bible do you believe in?" Even people that signed up as Creators for them didn't know, but Hale was running around giving speeches, that's the wrong approach, he should have just stuck to narrating Klassen's books and putting that out as mp3-files, but this AI-voice is better than anything Hale or Costello could have voiced of the Creativity books), so we should start with the book narrator before any focus on somebody being like a new Rockwell-type for Creativity.)

Ben Klassen was like a contemporary chronicler of our time and present times. What I like about this AI-voice is that he narrates as if he is the actual Chronicler that wrote down what he's narrating, he talks with profound conviction and involvement and just serious expression, he sounds really dead-serious and like a true believer, he sounds tough and militant/military soldier-like, which is what fits for the (narration of) Creativity books and Mein Kampf and Rockwell's books IMHO, more so than the authors own voices. He does not sound like he's selling an information product and giving a sales pitch which most AI voices do. What I also like SUPER MUCH is how frickin' clear it is what he's saying, I'm Swedish and this is as clear as I've ever heard anybody read a book aloud or talk in English. I could have listened to this as a high-school kid and it doesn't sound really much different than some action movie tough guy character talking or a narrator talking over action scenes or something like that, and I could have understood every single word - even without having the book in front of me to read, it basically would work as stand-alone audiobooks because every frickin' word seems to be pronounced SUPER CLEARLY like there is no guess-work or having to pay close attention and really listen carefully because it's as loud and clear-sounding of every word that you can be. The cloning with Auphonic before hand to process the recording went very well that is, because it sounds great this way.

Basically this comes from me from having had stuck in my mind "The Chronicler" of an old PC-RPG game called Silver and I have been thinking for many years that it would be cool to have a voice that sounds like that but in a modern American-accented version in our time (sort of like "This is how it is, how the situation is, how everything are" in a higher more astute and cultured learned way than a normal regular person tone, not like a "God" but like a modern fighting man version of a nobleman, knight, crusader), I really liked his refined and cultivated voice although I don't like the British accent, I think the game was supposed to take place in medieval times, and like a similar voice that has stucked in my head is the Knight that Indiana Jones meets at the end of Last Crusade, and this new AI-voice sounds a bit like a modern version of this in today's time in a militant soldier way - like Hitler was when he was started - narrating. I can hear myself in and identity with his voice (the American AI-voice that is) and it sounds like I'm the person reading it in my head sort of, not because I have the same voice but the intonation and the defiant, determined and somewhat angry tone and feel etc is the same and sort of like how I'm writing these posts or reading Cailens posts or reading Klassen's works or hearing Rockwell although with another voice, like it could be another American Hitler-type like Rockwell.

Quote from: LeaderlessResistanceMedia on Yesterday at 16:32we have Whites who don't live with blacks - long distances from the "multiculturalism" they talk so highly of -  who say we have to show them empathy and not be racist towards blacks and stop "victimizing blacks" and not be "discriminatory towards blacks and other colored minorities and immigrant groups". How empathetic and not-racist-towards-Whites are the blacks against Whites when you have thousands of video clips on the net and almost none with the roles reversed? It's not "youths", "youth gangs" when they're all non-white and the victims are whites, it's RACIST NIGGER GANGS/SANDNIGGER GANGS ETC. and really Hate Crimes, or do they should "brotherly love"?

Too right. Here's an example:

Quote from: MSM & The White Guilt Obsessed

A British backpacker working in Australia has claimed racism is a massive problem across the country.

Archie Hawkins has spent almost a year travelling around the country but was left shocked by the racism towards Indigenous people.

Many agreed with the young man's views.

'It's their country, their home for hundreds of years before us! Great people! They are a national treasure to Australia.'

Another added: 'I completely agree. I was shocked by the level of racism in Oz. Very sad.'

A third said: 'It's so sad as someone that loves to travel. Australia is one place I've always wanted to go, especially as I have family there, but the stories you hear of racism put me off.'

None of these people know what Australian Aboriginal people are really like. If they did, they would know of the extreme hatred, violence and destruction that comes with being in the vicinity of Aboriginal people. They would know that you always have to be on your guard. That Aboriginal violence could erupt at any time, and nobody will defend you - not even the police. And the truth is, if you allow the police to become involved, it is more likely that you as the victim will find yourself locked in a cell, where Australia's wonderful Indigenous people may just finish you off - DEAD!

* * * *

The WHITE GUILT RIDDEN will be the FIRST TO DIE in the event of a BLOODY RACIAL WAR:

The Jew will have them locked in prison for THE CRIME OF BEING WHITE AND BREATHING. ~ Racist/anti-Semitic and bad for the Climate Holocaust!

The Jihadi and the Black Plague will slaughter the WHITE GUILT RIDDEN while they are on their knees praying for forgiveness for being White.

GOT WHITE GUILT? Don't allow yourself to be slaughtered by a Minority and become a martyr only to be used by White Supremacists. KILL YOURSELF NOW and END RACISM!

@Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.,
Church Administrator - Creativity Alliance,
The World Wide Church of Creativity.
23 Words - W23.LINK
Europa News / Re: British Activist Convicted...
Last post by Rev.Cambeul - Yesterday at 23:01
England Shows Its Feelings
Video from @RottenPolitics

Racist white supremacist from Leeds 'with Nazi tendencies' is jailed

Samuel Melia was locked up for two years by a judge at Leeds Crown Court, who said antisemitism "has been used before to tear at the heart of Western democracy" and "it must not be allowed to do so again".

Melia was the head of the Hundred Handers, an anonymous group responsible for a spate of anti-immigration "stickering" incidents between 2019 and 2021, Leeds Crown Court heard.

On Friday, Judge Tom Bayliss KC told Melia: "I am quite sure that your mindset is that of a racist and a white supremacist.

"You hold Nazi sympathies and you are an antisemite."

"The publication of this kind of material is corrosive to our society and highly damaging. Antisemitism, in particular, is a destructive force.

White supremacist jailed for stirring up race hate with online sticker library

On Friday, Judge Tom Bayliss KC said to the 34-year-old: "I am quite sure that your mindset is that of a racist and a white supremacist.

"You hold Nazi sympathies and you are an antisemite."

He told Melia: "Whilst your activity ceased in 2021, recent events in the United Kingdom demonstrate that there is, for the first time since the 1930s, a real risk of gross, potentially violent, antisemitism becoming normalised on our streets.

"The publication of this kind of material is corrosive to our society and highly damaging.

"Antisemitism, in particular, is a destructive force.

"It has been used before to tear at the heart of Western democracy. It must not be allowed to do so again."

When police searched his house in Pudsey, they found a label printer and stickers with slogans such as "It's ok to be white" and "Natives losing jobs; migrants pouring in".

Officers also found "key signs of the defendant's ideology" including a book by Oswald Mosley, who founded the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s, as well as posters of Mosley and Adolf Hitler.

The judge said: "In his speeches, Sir Oswald Mosley accused the Jews of aiming at world domination, of controlling the City of London and the press.

"Almost a century later, and after the Holocaust, you were peddling the same antisemitism."

After the case, Detective Chief Superintendent James Dunkerley is Head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East. He said: "Evidence shows that large numbers of these stickers appeared both here in the UK and a number abroad.

"These expressions of hate were an attempt to bring upset and stir up racial hatred. It is important to highlight however that our communities are strong and will not allow those who seek to disrupt them succeed.

"Those that seek to bring hatred to our communities through actions such as stickering will be identified and brought to justice." ... BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE WHITE! ~ @Cailen.



To all of you CONSUMED WITH WHITE GUILT, do the world a favour and KILL YOURSELF NOW. The BLACKS, the JIHADIS and the JEW all want you dead - JUST DO IT, WHITEY!

@Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.,
Church Administrator - Creativity Alliance,
The World Wide Church of Creativity.
23 Words - W23.LINK
General Jabber / Re: Car & Bike Talk
Last post by Rev.Cambeul - Yesterday at 22:56
Electric Cars are a Climate Holocaust Scam!

The scam is that ...
 * There is no Climate Holocaust
 * The intent is to remove oil as a cheap source for mass transportation
 * You will stay home in your fifteen minute town
 * You will own nothing and be happy

Electric cars release MORE toxic emissions than gas-powered vehicles and are worse for the environment, resurfaced study warns

Excerpt: The study, which was published in 2022 but has begun circulating again after being cited in a WSJ op-ed,  found that brakes and tires release 1,850 times more particulate matter compared to modern tailpipes which have filters that reduce emissions.

It found that EVs are 30 percent heavier on average than gas-powered vehicles, which causes the brakes and tire treads to wear out faster than standard cars and releases tiny, often toxic particles into the atmosphere.

And it also generates a lot of CO2 when charging your vehicle.

It comes as California is working to impose a complete ban on all gas vehicles by 2035.

New gasoline-powered vehicles don't release the same amount of emissions as older vehicles, emitting only one percent of all particulate matter (air pollution) in California, with the majority of emissions coming from older vehicles.

New gasoline cars are created to be 'cleaner,' by updating the trims of their internal combustion engines to include particulate filters that reduce emissions to below 1/1000th of a gram per mile.

California has claimed that EVs produce zero emissions because they don't have a tailpipe, but that is reportedly misleading, because the substantial electricity used to power the cars creates additional particulate pollution.

If you've got electric cars in Pittsburgh that are being plugged in at night and leading nearby coal plants to burn more coal to charge them, then the climate benefits won't be as great, and you can even get more air pollution.

Additionally, lithium-ion batteries which power EVs are made of materials including cobalt and lithium, which have been linked to environmental concerns.

Mining cobalt emits toxic chemicals and gases that leak into the environment and extracting metals from the ore emits sulfur oxide and pollutes the air.

Any Star Trek fans here? I'm not, but I'm a Space Quest fan, and it's made by two guys who were Star Trek and Sci-Fi fans, and they wanted to make a funny Sci-Fi adventure game. I like to play and listen to playthroughs with commentaries of games like this and have it playing in the background when I'm working on IT-stuff, like finishing the AI-Klassen audio books I'm doing now, because otherwise it gets a bit too solitary and you need to have some kind of entertainment and something else to stimulate your brain and game commentaries with or without some background game music works great for that, but this way it feels like you are enjoying good friendly company and sort of playing the game yourself in a way, sort of like when you were watching your older brother play these kinds of games when you were young.

There was/is a Swedish Tarot-reading TV-show (see above) were down-and-out lost Swedes call in for huge telephone bills and they got exposed by a Swedish prank-call comedian where people on his community started calling in and exposing them, like talking like a little girl and then getting answers like "well for you as a little girl then you should blabla" and then changing their voice saying "I'm not a little girl, shouldn't you know this if your psychic?" or saying things like "my mother died, what does she say to me?" - wait for the "psychic" (psycho?) to start laying his tarot cards on the table and start his babbling "I can hear your mother, she's saying to not worry blabla" and then the caller said "My mother is not dead", things like that. Scamming the scammers. I guess they can rationalize this to themselves that if they didn't do this, they'd be unemployed and without a means of earning their living, that's the most important things for these politicians and other scammers, it's their "heroic fight" for basically just getting their daily bread and money any way possible, sort of like a prostitute, like Hitler wrote about how parliamentary politicians are in Mein Kampf.

But what I wanted to write about this, is that one of these guys, one of these scammers (it's not the guy above in the clip, he actually seems a bit personable, this guy however looked like a real cringe, intolerable out of shape overweight hippie or something who didn't give a good impression on "TV" at all and talked like a bum and looked like a bum - basically like a university student or liberal)... We googled his name and guess what he did after that scam career? He became a politician in the liberal or green party!

This story reminded me of this. I don't think this guy actually believed that he could tell telephone callers future and talk with their dead relatives (sure there are some deluded unintelligent emotion-"thinking/feeling" women - who I guess you could say are like "kids with tits", their mind is that like a kid, however they can be very social and work good jobs and function in society and earn a living but they're still mentally like kids and if you contradict what they're saying they're acting like kids on temper tantrums, so just like a kid, we've all seen girls/women like this, feminists seem to be like this very much - with overblown egos and sense of self-importance perhaps "thanks" to feminism or not being able to think logically and who reverts to living in a fantasy supernatural world who think they're some spiritual super beings being females and they have some female sixth sense and female instincts who can tell people's future or heal with reiki or energy crystals, but not this guy), I think they're just morally bankrupt greedy real deplorables who don't believe what they themselves are proclaiming they believe in. Like a lot or all of Christians. And like politicians like Scott Harrison and the rest.

IT'S JUST TO MAKE MONEY WITHOUT EARNING A DECENT LIVING AND WORKING HARD, GUYS! Perhaps they think they are working "smart" since they just have to lie lie lie and talk "PC" crap and they get welcomed, get money and fame, they get to be in the "in" crowd, so they sell out.

A friend of mine talked about a friend of a his who's a member of Swedish Democrats, an older fellow, and he talks privately when he's with SD-people and nationalists like my friend about how multiculture is crap, but he's also a priest and he puts on sermons about the blessings of multiculture - because he can make money on that, an easy job, you just talk crap, if you don't have a consciounce and are a moral scumbag like him and Scott then you can do these things just to make money, and perhaps laugh about how stupid they are, or you just want an easy life and not have to fight hard for your real beliefs - probably if you put Scott on a lie detector he would turn out to be someone who privately like this old man actually is a White closet-racist, just othwardly he professes to be a multicultural Christian or Liberal party believer. This old guy also says to women that he's a pilot, doctor, police etc. (he's none of them) - just for them to be more likely to sleep with him.

That's how it goes with scumbags people who's out looking for money and sex by manipulating people, that's how it goes.