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Zach.W. Forum Hang-Around

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Personal text:
Family Before Blood
Place of Birth:
Celtic, English, German
Irish, Dixie
Date registered:
Sun 14 Jun 2020
Local Time:
Last active:
Wed 21 Feb 2024
  • More of My Favorite Things:
      Hiking, Camping, Reading, Listening to music

  • My Awakening:
      Very long story... Very short-put.

    I was only in 95%+ rich white schools. I had very little experience with any muds. I saw the cities in the news and miscegenation all over television; by 14 I realised it was disgusting and didn't seem natural. My eyes became opened to National Socialism when I found out I was not the only person that thought this way.

    I met my oldest brother for the first time after this point in my life. He was a part of the NS way before I was even born. I saw his "Mein Kampf" and showed him my White Power pin in my jacket. We've been close since. I studied more and more through NS, Klan, CI, NatAll. I've learned so much, found many people, and the sole fact about my brother (I knew nothing about besides his existence) showed genetics are quite important, to say the least.
    I found CA many years ago along my way.

    I am, always will be, proud to be WHITE!
Climbing up is never easy, but we must in order to survive.
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