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The Church of Creativity Georgia, U.S.A.
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Blue Ridge Mountains Georgia United States of America
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Bradley County Tn
Scottish Irish American
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04 June 2016 at 12:47
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16 January 2021 at 02:13
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19 January 2017 at 19:05
  • Favorite Book/Author:
      To name a few: Hindrich Himmler, Ben Klassen, Adolf Hitler, Rev.Cambeul
  • Favorite Music/Musician:
      All music but most likely Rock. 90's rock, Doom Metal, Gothic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, 70's Rock, almost every thing Rock, also Classical Symphony,  50's and  60's rock County  Rockabilly and Psychobilly Rock, Pro White  I like just about everythang.
  • More of My Favorite Things:
    Jogging, Working out, reading and study

  • Anything Else:
    I'm stable, independent, a Creator. Im goal oriented, loyal ,respectable, maintained, healthy, hard working, conservative, educated and a salubrious Man.
         I don't smoke drank or do drugs.

  • My Awakening:
    The world White ratio is expected to be down to 10% on a world scale by 2060. We need more White baby's in this world. We need to sustain our DNA and jelousy guard it and keep it White where dissappearing Comrade's you are our only hope of the survival of our race.

    Expansion Advancement and Education for a Statistic Conscience of our endangerd race.   Depends on you.

    "It is the supreme purpose of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to see to it that it will be the White Race that shall survive."         Ben Klassen

    I love to read literature. I was reading studing through religions and white culture and came across Creativity. I found Creativity to be the most logically founded and most complete religion ever written. The Man had a diffrent view of life so unique but all at the same time it's the common since and the nature not everybody could see till you open the books. A real genius in my perspective. With real intellect on lifes best quality's and worst problems. On a world wide large scale. A very intelligent Man Ben Klassin
     March 1, 2016  43 AC
          William Christopher Gibbs

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