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Rev.MichelleWilson (R.I.P.) In Memoriam

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      Michelle Lee Wilson (April 11, 1971 - May 8, 2015) of Marine City, Michigan passed away unexpectedly in her home at the age of 44. She was survived by her son, her parents, and two brothers. She was a Reverend in three different eras of Creativity: The premier Church of the Creator, the World Church of the Creator, and the Church of Creativity (Creativity Alliance) and will always be remembered for her White racial beliefs. She was loved and will be greatly missed.

    Her father was of Irish descent; her mother was Polish; her father's side of the family arrived in North America around the time of the potato famine.

    Her father worked in the automobile industry, then began a career as a policeman in Detroit. Her parents were racially aware and passed on those healthy values to her -- but Michelle was the first of her kin to become active in the cause of our race's survival.

    Michelle went to a strict Catholic school for most of her school years, but attended a mostly-White public school for a couple of years before her graduation.

    Her efforts for the Church of the Creator brought her into contact with other White groups in the vicinity, like the pre-National-Alliance Resistance Records and Gary Gallo's National Democratic Front, with whom she had friendly meetings. Her chapter of the Church was, to my knowledge, the very last remaining White activism in metropolitan Detroit.

    She was a mother, and said her son was the thing she was most proud of in life.

    Hers was the voice heard on the Church's answering machine and she handled all the local correspondence that came to the Church's Detroit PO Box for many years.

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"There is a road and it leads to Valhalla Where only the Chosen are allowed. "

Reverend Michelle Wilson passed away in 2015,8654.0.html