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Rev.JohnBarletta P.O.W.

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Church of Creativity Connecticut D.O.C.
Connecticut Dept of Corrections
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Thu 22 Sep 2022
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    Two-time murderer John Barletta used a shank - an improvised knife crafted from a razor - to slash Northern Correctional Institution's Jewish Warden Larry Myers on Thursday, sending him and two other Correction Department employees to the hospital.
    Pictured Right: A beaten generic Jew.

    As a result, Northern, the state's highest-security prison, was put on lockdown - with inmates confined to their cells - for an indefinite period. The lockdown continued today pending a shakedown - a search for weapons - throughout the prison.

    Myers, Maj. Michael Lajoie, and Correctional Officer Frederick Hanning were released after treatment at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford.

    The attack, in which Myers suffered two facial cuts, happened as he toured the facility, department spokesman Scott Semple said.

    Barletta, 29, was in a day room with at least seven other inmates, receiving lunch at about 11 a.m., when it occurred, Semple said. None of the other inmates became involved, he said.

    LaJoie, who was accompanying the warden, suffered arm and finger cuts, while guards Hanning, Jerry Wawryzk, and Peter Kulhmann sustained bruises and scrapes subduing Barletta, Semple said.

    Barletta today remained in four-point restraints, closely monitored by guards, he said. State police began a criminal investigation.

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Reverend with the WCOTC then Creativity Alliance.
Church Title: Viscount Barletta
Reverend John Barletta - Lord Connecticut
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