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Will There Be a Genocide In South Africa?

From @ThePodcastoftheLotusEaters


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@cherylanne4390 23 hours ago

I'm a white ex Rhodesian. Britain in the late 1920's encouraged people, like my grandparents from Europe and Britain to come to Rhodesia to help build it up, they were allowed to buy land from the British govt. to farm. Come Africa independence (1980) Britain completely abandoned us. I moved to the UK because my husband is English (our farm was taken), but I had to wait 5 years before I was allowed obtain UK residency. I am amazed at how people can just travel across the Channel and are allowed immediate entry. My brother when visiting us (back in 1986) was held at the airport and questioned for hours about his reasons for visiting and if he had any intention of working (he didn't) he was to get on the next plane back. The point of my story however is that in the 40 years I have lived here I have seen a decline, similar to Zimbabwe happening here, racism toward white people astounds me and yet the white indigenous folk seem to just be letting it happen. Zimbabwe in the meantime has not become the Singapore of Africa. The born indigenous are worse off than before. Strange times.

@matchungo8048 23 hours ago
As a South African I have to say that losing the country to tribalism and mania does suck, but it makes things easier knowing that we've always been the minority here. You guys are busy losing England to the same thing and you don't even have numbers to blame. Europe and England are collapsing from pure weakness.
American News / Re: Tucker Carlson
Wed 28 Feb 2024
Democrats and Rhinos Arrange for Ukrainian Intelligence to Assassinate Tucker Carlson

Is There Any Proof of a Conspiracy ???
 * Why hasn't the White House addressed the attempted murder?
 * Why hasn't the GOP addressed the attempted murder?
 * Why is MSM pretending this attempted murder did not happen while MSM, Democrats and Rhinos continue to call for America to rid itself of Tucker Carlson?

Conspiracy or Compliancy? You be the judge.

It never ends ...

Dear Cailen,

A paper published by a member of the UCL Institute of Education department at University College London mentions the name "Cailen Cambeul".
Quote from: LeaderlessResistanceMedia on Wed 28 Feb 2024It worked out fine to just update the files to the new version! I checked at your linked page here and it plays good:

Here is the original audiobook-page with the updated files:

I got it. Thanks.

You'll get to the others when you can. All in good time. What we have now is the best we've ever had, so waiting for a while for another improvement should not be a problem for anyone.

Now that you've got it so that you can update files without changing filenames or addresses, it means I can now go on to the next step, setting up pages properly, rather than just simple links in order to make them available ASAP.

I'm also waiting for @Rev.JohnBarletta to let me know whether or not he can have MP3's sent in on a Data DVD. If so, he'll soon be listening to Ben Klassen AI.

Thanks again for all your hard work, brother.

R! 23/23