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P.M.JoeEsposito P.O.W.

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Pontifex Maximus
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Church of Creativity Oregon Gulags U.S.A.
Snake River - Oregon Gulags
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I Was Born in jUSA
White American
More Than Enough
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Better Than Any Nigger
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Fri 18 Mar 2022
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  • My Awakening:
      Biography: A former outlaw biker (81) from the state of New York, Reverend Dr Joseph Esposito is an original member of the Church of the Creator and friend of our original Pontifex Maximus, Ben Klassen, since 1974, when the Church was still located at Light House Point, Florida. He first learned of the Church of the Creator in an ad in the November 1974 issue of Outdoor Life. The ad said, Are you proud to be a noble White Man? If so, contact the Church of the Creator.

    Reverend Dr Joe and Brother Bobby Way then wrote to the address in the ad. In return, they both received six copies each of Nature's Eternal Religion to distribute to their White Brothers. They were also the first Creators in the New York prison system and they converted many of the prisoners over to Creativity over the years. Their main contact on the outside was Reverend Carles Messick III and for years both he and Founder Klassen sent them Holy Books, Racial Loyalty newspapers, Creator buttons, pens, flags, t-shirts; all while they remained in prison. Reverend Dr Joe was released in 1977 and stayed in constant contact with Founder Klassen. In 1979, he violated parole and was sent back to the New York prisons.

    In 1982, Reverend Dr Joe was ordained a minister by Founder Klassen. By this time he, Founder Klassen and Reverend Messick were close friends. Church Head Quarters moved from Florida to North Carolina in 1985. Reverend Dr Joe's role with Reverend Messick was security, ground maintenance, and answering all of the prison mail. His primary job was to keep the School for Gifted White Children clean and ready for students. He lived over the church with Reverend Messick and they each had our own rooms, the second floor of the church consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and a large kitchen. The lower floor was the church meeting hall, Founder Klassen's office and other offices. The church was a wonderful sight to behold.

    Built Western style with a balcony going around the entire top floor. In the front was the huge logo of our church, the Divinum Signum Victorie which had bullet holes in it from a Christian whom one night took pot-shots at the Church and members. Reverend Dr Joe had a riot pump and Reverend Messick an M16. They were ready for War, RaHoWa! The lower level of the church (the under garage) was for storage of books et cetera, and copying machines and a printing press.

    At that time, Reverend Dr Joe was on the run due to a parole warrant and forced was to leave Church Headquarters when the J.O.G. started asking questions. On another night after Reverend Dr Joe and Reverend Messick escorted Founder Klassen to the Atlanta airport for his trip to Germany, they noticed trespassers on the Church property. The Church was surrounded by a fence and sensors – they were down. By the Creator School, the two reverends armed themselves, Reverend Messick with the M16 and Reverend Dr Joe with the riot pump-gun and set off in pursuit of the violators of Creativity's Holy Ground. The trespassers managed to get away, but fortunately there was no damage.

    Within the week Reverend Dr Joe was captured and sent back to New York prison. Months later Reverend Messick was arrested in a raid on the Church for possession of weapons: The M16, the pump-gun, a 357, a carbine and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

    At the time of Founder Klassen's passing, Reverend Dr Joe was in the hospital at St. Vincent's with a compound fracture of his tibia, a cracked hip, and numerous other injuries. Three niggers had attempted to rob him at a hotel in New York City. Reverend Dr Joe was a 228lb power lifter from prison and fought the black beasts. During the fight, Reverend Dr Joe and one of the niggers went through the third floor window. He received the news about Founder Klassen's passing from former reverend, Ron McVan, who called his sister in New Jersey.

    No matter his personal trials and tribulations, "Reverend Joe" has remained a dedicated Creator and a member of the Church of Creativity, for which in 2010 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Creativity.

    Reverend Doctor Joe - Our Current PM - is the longest serving Church Member in the history of all Creativity.


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      My Cousin Vinnie ...

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Max Release Date June 2025

PM Elect Reverend Dr Joe Esposito should have been released in 2018. They hit him with a bogus charge in order to keep him inside & now refuse to grant him parole - FREE PM JOE!

Address: #20315402 Snake River Correctional Institution 777 Stanton Blvd, Ontario Oregon U.S.A. 97914
Donations: - Or via @Rev.Cambeul
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