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    My journey began in 1968 when i was given a copy of mein kampf , i then preceeded to take work which took me to the remote mining camps of Australia where i met many white nationalites from war torn Europe, my journey and education had began , as their was no tv phones let alone the mobile phones of today one sat around the canteen of a night and over a few beers listened to ww2 veterans, i have worked on remote aboriginal reserves, the torres straight Islands, and new Guinea,and experienced the most primitive primates on the planet, and witnessed the barbarity of these people, then in the 70, the jew/Zionist  cabal introduced multiculturisim which is slowly eroding the moral , social, and racial demographic of this once great country, this is a white man's world and without the innovation of the white man we would still be sitting around with two sticks trying to start a fire, i do not want to reside in a multicultrical hellhole and observe white DNA be mongrelised.

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