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LaurenceArnold Forum Hang-Around

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Personal text:
Utah Creativity Alliance
Utah, USA
Place of Birth:
United States of America
Date registered:
Sun 14 Apr 2013
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Sun 17 Aug 2014

  • Anything Else:
      I am a big time survivalist, enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping. But, I am a small town country boy.

  • Favorite Book/Author:
      'The Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad


  • Favorite Music/Musician:
      Classical & Opera, Favorite Antonin Dvorak


  • More of My Favorite Things:
      Voracious reader; favorite topics- politics, philosophy, religion, history, and enjoy the classics! Enjoy classic films, most of what I like is from the 1930s, especially the Universal monster movies.

  • My Awakening:
      Hello, my awakening came after I realized that liberals in my country have absolutely no respect for the law or the constitution of my country. I'm ashamed to admit, that for the longest time, I did consider myself a liberal. But I realized that their ideology and their viewpoints were WRONG! So I started reading white empowerment literature. The one that really hit home for me was, 'Hunter', by Dr. Pierce. The main character was, 'Oscar Yeager,' and in that fictional character I saw myself. That put everything in to perspective and now, I can't stop reading! I've read Rockwell, Hitler, Pierce, Klassen, Simpson, and they are all right! Their is an agenda to turn the world into a Soviet slave state and a plan in place to ethnic cleanse the White Race! What I know now, I could never be a liberal ever again and I will never be on the wrong side of this war ever again!

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