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JohnNewland Account Banned

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Traitor to the Church
Unionville Tennessee
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Norwegian and Irish
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Tue 14 Sep 2021
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Fri 02 Sep 2022

  • Anything Else:
    Quote from: P.M.JoeEsposito on Sun 04 Sep 2022John Newland is to be considered to be a Race Traitor. He lied to the PM, he lied and used his our Church and his brothers for his own purposes.

    John Newland is forever banned from any association with CREATORS. He is to surrender all books, patches, flags, certificates and other paraphernalia to the nearest CREATOR.

    He is not to use for his own purposes the name CREATIVITY, CREATIVITY ALLIANCE, Creativity Movement, CHURCH OF CREATIVITY, CHURCH OF THE CREATOR or any other derivation. He is not permitted to utilise our religion, CREATIVITY in any way at all.

    John Newland is to abide by all directions above, or there will be severe repercussions for the Race Traitor Newland.

    Reverend Dr Joe Esposito, Pontifex Maximus
    Reverend Cailen Cambeul, Church Administrator

  • My Awakening:
      I am a 41 year old man and looking back at the age of 15, The internet was just coming out and I found the WCOTC website. I was pro white and Racially minded with no racial foundation until I corresponded with the Brothers in Creativity and read every book they had available on the website.
    As a result I became a Creator that day in my heart.
    That website and the Brothers I corresponded through email changed my life. They taught me to never get into drugs and race mixing. Also I was never bedazzled with Christian mind perversion that so many of our White brethren are lost in because of books like the White Man's Bible and Nature's Eternal Religion. Creativity aided me in leaving the skinhead nonsense alone and getting a proper education.
    Now as a non licensed Clinical Psychologist I can see some men and women were driven away these lonely years, some died, but others remain, as dedicated today as they and I ever were. We are a valid part of that history. Creativity is life changing and is the salvation for the White Race. And I'm honored to be apart of it through the Creativity Alliance!
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