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I belong to a Four Dimensional Religion
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Thu 12 Dec 2013
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Fri 11 Apr 2014

  • My Awakening:
      It was early December of this year, cold and rainy. Work had sent us home. On the way, I noticed more and more people did not look like me, act like me, or speak like me. I shook my head and wondered where my people, my Race, would wind up. I was lost and mad.

    I immediately got on the web and began searching for answers. I found the American Nazi Party, but the demand for money/funds in every aspect of their 'reports' made my stomach shrink.

    I found the NSM, but again what I needed, what my inner-being was crying out for was not uniformed, demonstrating-just-for-the sake-of-demonstrating folk undermining an already shallow pool of interested Whites.

    Hour after hour, my tiring computer screen filled with more and more what I would call Internet Groups. I emailed a few out of desperation. Despite their claims of caring about Whites, quoting the 14 words, promising blood and honor, sacred this and that - not one of them bothered to respond back. I went to bed even more desolate and frustrated

    In the morning, the sun broke through my blinds and I had this overwhelming calmness. I went to the computer and began anew my search for true, sincere answers. That's when I found Ben Klassen. More than political, more than double speak, more than black words on an empty page, his Church of the Creator was something profound. I was amazed. I had my answer. I now had a weapon. So here I am, learning and sharing everything I can.

    On a personal note and quick highlight: (it is now Dec 12th, two weeks since reaching out to 'committed White organizations' and not one has emailed back. However, PM Cambeul wrote me back the very night I requested info and has since shared more insight and has been nothing short of a mentor and helping hand in my awakening and becoming a devout Creator. There are no words I can use to express my appreciation to him. Thank you, sir.)