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The Church of Creativity Illinois - U.S.A.
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Southern Illinois
White Race
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04 January 2015 at 19:14
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17 August 2022 at 11:00
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    My goal as a Creator:

    I hope to help awaken our White Race and guide any White racially conscious Brother or Sister to our wonderful religion of Creativity. As long as you are interested in the preservation and the advancement of our White Race, please feel free to contact me. RaHoWa!

  • Favorite Book/Author:
      One of my favorite books is The Little White Book (L.W.B.). Which I believe is a perfect summary of Creativity. Also of course Nature's Eternal Religion & The White Man's Bible by Ben Klassen, they are the foundation of our religion.

  • My Awakening:
    The older I get the more I see the beauty in my White Race and the attack apon it. I also realize if we don't stand up, our White Race will be lost forever.

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I urge every White Man, Woman, and Child to do your part and save our beautiful White Race. Stand up and fight in the Racial Holy War, become a Creator today.

The Church of Creativity Illinois - U.S.A.
Box 595 Herrin
Illinois U.S.A. 62948