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Springfield, Ohio
German-English, Hungarian but mostly German.
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26 March 2021 at 02:37
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11 June 2021 at 00:26

  • My Awakening:
    Hi my name is David Kohler. How did I become racially aware. Wow that is a question I could write, many full length essays on. However I will try to encapsulate and summarize it as best as I can. It comes from mostly from, many, many years of study of a very wide variety of disciplines. From history, philosophy, religion, and even biology. I discovered to my amazement during that long intellectual journey lasting a good part of two decades that, contrary to the way that the controlled media paints those on the far right as being quite bluntly "stupid" and other insulting terms that actually some of the smartest and brightest writers, philosophers, sociologists, politicians and even clergy people throughout history have been what could be considered to be on the "far right" if not outright white nationalists And this I know also to be true that there is a very militant and active campaign to to try and ban those of us on the far right even from the internet. The "powers that be" in that regard are apparently not happy with just robbing us of our actual nations they even want to rob us of being able to connect on the internet and be able to converse with each other and share our very similar world views and opinions. And an attack like that on freedom of speech just really disturbs me. They are so intolerant that they apparently are not even willing, if they can achieve it, to even let us have our own "cyber nations". Let alone any real ones anymore. I will also only say that most of my world views and opinions, shaped and refined over many, many years, definitely fall in the category of "far right". I genuinely despise Communism with a passion and I am fully aware of it's Jewish origins. So that is the best answer I can give you.

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