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Speer wasn't the only one who thought this of Uncle Adolf. A friend of my aunt's lived in The Glorious Third Reich and met him at the 1936 Olympics. She told me personally that he was "the sweetest gentlemen who absolutely loved children. Man, Marley was the best and strengthened my resolve for the love of the White Race. Even at the age of 80 something when I met her back in the 2000's, she was still a devoted follower of Der Führer. No one really knew that but we sat and spoke to each other in German for nearly 4 hours the first time I met her. Damn it was awesome.
General Jabber / Roots? WTAF
Mon 01 May 2023
Roots? WTAF;sa=view;id=3417

I found this in my home after my sister was here. We're both adopted and she's nothing but a stereotypical mongrel mixed mud race. And she has the audacity to leave this in my home? I'm thinking it's time for a good old fashioned book burning.
Spread the Word;sa=view;id=3411

These cards came today and are an awesome way to pass the message of Creativity in such a way that the people given a card will have a tangible item - it's excellent propaganda as the person give the card will look at it again. The cards are an excellent advertisement/recruitment tool. Use them!
Creativity Merch;sa=view;id=3410

I received this fantastic cigarette/card holder today and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. It's nice and sturdy and pictures Our White mission to march forward and preserve the White Race.
A.H. 134 Years of Remembrance;sa=view;id=3407

Celebrating Der Führer's birthday today with a fresh batch of fliers to pass out while in the city today. Happy Birthday, Uncle Adolf!

Heil Hitler!!!
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