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As is usual in Australia, it's a Black on White Attack - A Hate-Crime? - ONLY if the Races were reversed &:(

Horrific moment Springvale bottle shop worker suffered a fractured skull after fighting back against group of teens who wouldn't show ID

Excerpt: The staffer, dressed in a dark blue shirt and grey shorts, attempted to fight back before another workers stepped in and tried to stop the alleged attacker from punching his co-worker.

During the violent attack another boy wearing a black shirt and a pair of black basketball shorts is seen allegedly throwing a glass gin bottle at the other employee.

The bottle hits the head of the staffer who then slowly falls to the ground while toppling over several cases of beverages nearby.

The alleged attack left the 39-year-old man in hospital for four days after he suffered a fractured skull.
Young Kansas City Chiefs fan is accused of racist blackface by reporter - even though other half of child's face was painted RED to match his team's colours


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Just now (29/11/2023)

James actually did not do anything criminal. It was CREATIVITY that was on trial - and CREATIVITY is a 100% LEGAL RELIGION. In short, the police, the prosecution, the judge and MSM lied about CREATIVITY in order to sentence an innocent man. What is King Charles - the so-called "Defender of All Faiths" - going to do about this?
Nobody's said it, but it looks to me like the Irish Dublin stabbings of three children and two adults were done as a copycat attack on Whites. The Irish people's response was what can be described as a mostly peaceful demonstration. And like the Irish government, the French government is also panicking and going after any of its own citizens that choose to exercise their right to speak out ...

'Stab White People' Murder in French Village Could be 'Tipping Point' for Society, Warns Government

The French government has issued a plea against vigilantism in the wake of the slaying of a teenager in rural France by a group reported to have shouted "stab white people".

Excerpt: A government spokesman said it was for the judiciary to dispense justice, not the French people, and that there was a risk of society reaching a tipping point over the attack and response.

For those who felt motivated to strike back at the migrant community they perceived as being behind the death of Thomas at the village dance, justice came swiftly this week, with six people receiving sentences of six to ten months in prison each for their involvement in what was described as an "ultra-right" demonstration in the town of Romans-sur-Isère on Saturday. The group were also debarred from standing for election for five years with their conviction on Monday.

It was claimed that some of the young people who launched the attack on the Crépol dance had travelled from the Romans-sur-Isère suburb of Drôme and the prosecution said this "ultra-right" group had gone there in return to exact revenge for the death HOLD A PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION. Among those in court were reported to have been a soldier, a computer developer, and students between the ages of 18 and 25.

The public prosecutor warned "No one can take justice into their own hands outside the law" and that anyone who tried would be punished.

The French government followed up the prosecutions with the statement it was going to ban three "ultra-right" groups it said was responsible for the march on the migrant neighbourhood at the weekend, one of which it named as the 'Martel Division', presumably named for the 8th century Frankish leader who united France and played a pivotal role in turning back Islamic occupation of Europe at the Battle of Tours.

Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin said of the ban: "I am going to propose the end of a group called the Martel Division. Just the name obviously scares us... I believe that there is a mobilization among the ultra-right which wants to push us, as Mr. Roussel said, into civil war... No one is going to replace the State."

Comment: "No one is going to replace the state"? Eh? We'll see about that. It's time for a Regime Change. And not just in France or Ireland either. ~ @Cailen.
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