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Errors Found in 'Christ's Existence Not Substantiated by Historical Evidence'

Page 171, line 20, the word 'the' should be between 'over' and 'affairs'. It should read: 'still an overriding influence hanging like a shadow over *THE* affairs and thinking'.

Page 171, 10th line from bottom, it says 'hat' when it should say 'that'. Should read: 'Anyone recapturing his senses and looking at that evidence will find *that*...'

Page 172, line 6, says 'he son of Mary' - should say 'the son of Mary'. Should say: 'was also called John Mark, *the* son of Mary,'

Page 172, line 16, 'tarsus' needs a capital T. Should read: 'born in *Tarsus*, of Jewish parents'.

(Interesting to note that Paul is referred to as a 'proselyte Jew' - a convert to Judaism according to Wiki - and then Klassen states he was born of Jewish parents.)

Page 172, lines 20/21, needs 'were' in-between 'them' and 'Jews. Should read: 'all of them *WERE* Jews with the possible exception of Luke'.

Page 173, line 8, it says 'play-writer' which is an error. 'playwright' is correct. Should say: 'no Roman historian, no Roman writer, and no Roman *playwright*, has left the...' Error appears in the First Edition, though without the hyphen.

Page 173, line 21, it has the word 'wrote' between 'others' and 'that' that should not be there. It is not present in either the First or Second Edition. I spotted it because it didn't look right. Should read: 'and scores of others that were contemporary...'

Page 173, line 26, the word 'of' has a capital 'O' before Marcus Aurelius that is incorrect. Should read: 'busts of Cicero, of Caesar, *of* Marcus Aurelius and innumerable other Greek...'

Page 174, 7th line from bottom, it says 'not the inclination' when it should say NOR. Should read: 'the time, the space, *nor* the inclination to go into all these contradictions.'

Page 176, line 6, it needs the word 'is' between 'New Testament' and 'supposedly'. Should read: 'manuscripts on which the New Testament *is* supposedly based is always alluded to...'

Page 176, line 8, it says 'and again' when it really shouldn't. It doesn't appear in either the First or Second Edition. Should read simply: 'over and over again that Paul spoke to his flock in Jewish...'

Page 176, line 17, it says 'startlingly' when it should say 'startling'. It stands out as looking very odd. Appears as 'startling' in both the First Edition and Second. Should say: 'with these *startling* and "new" revelations.'

Page 176, line 18/19, it has the word 'by' between 'written' and 'collectively' which should not be there. Should read simply: 'were written collectively by many authors...'

Page 176, 4th line from bottom, it has the word 'perpetuate' when in both First and Second Editions it says PERPETRATE. Should say: 'decided to *perpetrate* them on the Romans.'

Page 177, 9th line from bottom, the word 'the' is missing between 'of' and 'Sanhedrin'. Should read: 'that the Elders of *the* Sanhedrin recognized this...'

Page 178, line 8, it needs a large hyphen (–) between 'God' and 'this'. Should read: 'hoax of Jesus Christ, the Son of God *–* this idea...'

Page 178, line 11, says 'if' when it should say 'of'. Should read: 'Never again did the White Race shake off the control *of* the Jews.'
Errors Found in 'Getting to Heaven Project impossible: Or, Everybody is Going to Hell'

On page 163, line 4, it says 'just simply believe' followed by a hyphen and a low case S in 'so'. However, if we compare it with the scanned copy of the First Edition, it reads as follows: 'just...simply...believe...So they tell us.' In the Second Edition, it reads exactly the same as the PDF.

On page 163, line 22, there is a full stop when it should be a comma. It should read: 'everyone that says to me*,* Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven'.

On page 164, line 8, it reads 'and followed, after me,' when it should read 'and *followeth* after me,'

On page 164, line 27, there is a full stop after 'unto you' when it needs a comma. It should read: 'But I say unto you*,* That every idle word'.

On page 164, line 28, the 'day of judgement' is capitalised ('they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment') when it really should not be. It is not supported by NER First or Second Edition, nor by KJV. Should read simply 'day of judgement'.

Page 165, line 3, needs a comma after 'saying'. Should read: 'In Matt. 15:4 Christ says, "For God commanded, saying*,* Honor thy father'.

Page 165, line 4, needs a comma after the second 'and'. Should read: 'and mother: and*,* He that curseth father or mother'.

Page 165, line 6, needs a space between '22, 23'.

Page 165, line 11, needs a single quotation mark after 'lost sheep of the house of Israel.*'*"'

Page 165, 4th line from bottom, a full stop is needed in the following area: 'drowned in the depth of the sea*.*"'

Page 167, line 9, it reads "just believing?" with a question mark in the quotation marks, when it should be outside, as here: "just believing"? First Edition has question mark outside inverted commas; Second Edition has question mark inside inverted commas.

Page 167, ninth line from bottom, there is a letter 'I' that should not be there. Should read: 'enter into the kingdom of God."'

Page 167, 6th line from bottom, it says 'furnace of fire' when it should read 'sea'. Should read: 'and you were cast into the *SEA.*'

Page 167, 6th line from bottom, there is another serious omission that must be rectified. After 'cast into the sea.' it should read: 'Everlasting punishment. Damnation and hell. Cast them into a furnace of fire.' Compare with both First Edition. Note that the Second Edition that I have reads the same as the PDF, but the sentence 'Better a millstone were hanged around your neck and you were cast into the furnace of fire.' makes no sense whatsoever.

Page 168, line 25, the question mark is inside the quotes, when the First Edition has it on the outside, as follows: "your reward in the hereafter"?

Page 169, 6th line from bottom, the word 'belief' needs a double quotation mark to the right of it, as follows: 'It is a "belief*"* one might be stampeded into'.
Errors Found in 'Revelation: A Jewish Nightmare in Technicolor'

On page 155, the last line of the first paragraph, there is the word 'so' between 'do' and 'such' that should not be there. It should read: 'divinely inspired book could do such a thing, I had been told.'

On page 155, line 16, it should have a comma after 'possibly concoct' instead of a full stop. The line should read: 'scenario that they could possibly concoct*,* I am sure that they could not have'.

On page 155, 6th line from bottom, the T in the word 'technicolour' is capitalised when it shouldn't be. It should read: 'To cast it in anything less than *technicolor* would be'.

On page 156, 7th line from bottom, the F in 'first' is capitalised when it shouldn't be. It should read: 'As we proceed to have the seals opened, we find as the *first* seal was'.

On page 157, line 9, the F in 'five' is capitalised when it shouldn't be. It should read: 'and their power was to hurt men Five months."'

On page 157, line 13, it says 'lime' when it should say time. It should read: 'horses in existence at any *time*.'

On page 157, line 19, the F in 'first' is capitalised when it shouldn't be. It should read: 'In the *first* verse we find'.

On page 157, second line from bottom, we have the error 'sume' when it should read 'same'. It should read:'In the *SAME* chapter we have another beast'.

On page 158, first line, the letter 'I' in 'in' is capitalised when it should not be. It should read: 'the purple clothed woman on the seven hills *in* Chapter'.

On page 158, line 3, we have a set of dots indicating an 'ellipsis' within the quote, when the First and Second Edition shows it to be between the quotes. It reads: 'the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:" "...and the woman' when it should read 'the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:"..."And the woman'.

On page 158, line three, the word 'And' needs to be capitalised, as above. '"And the woman'.

On page 158, line 9, it says 'hopped up' when it should read 'hepped up'. It should read: '*hepped* up Hollywood scriptwriter'.

On page 158, line 16, it again has 'lay-up' with a hyphen when it should say simply 'lay up'. Should read: 'in the first four gospels how wicked it is to *lay up*'. The hyphen is not supported by the First or Second Edition of NER. Nor is it supported by the 2008 Edition. Odd that it would be added.

On page 158, line 24, the word 'new' is capitalised when it should not be. It should read: 'Therefore this *new* Jerusalem'.

On page 158, the 6th and 5th lines from bottom, it should have a comma after 'pure gold' and the word 'as' in the following quote should NOT be capitalised. It should read: 'The street of the city was pure gold*, "as* it were transparent glass."

On page 158, last line, it says 'chuck full' when it should say 'chock full'. It should read: 'it was just *CHOCK* full of gold in the streets'.

On page 159, last line, it has the word 'in' between the words 'again' and 'torment' when it should have 'to'. It should read: 'again *TO* torment and mutilate'.

On page 160, line 14, it says 'fins' when it should say 'fire'. Should read: 'power was given unto him to scorch men with *fire*.

On page 160, second line from bottom, it has the word 'inflected' when it should say 'inflicted'. It should read: 'torments that were *inflicted* upon the helpless people of Earth.'

On page 161, line 28, it has 'thousand-year' with a hyphen that doesn't appear in the First or Second edition of NER. Should read: '*thousand year*'.

On page 162, fourth line, a sentence begins with 'It is high time we exposed all this treacherous brain pollution'. According to the First and Second Editions, this should be the beginning of a new paragraph.
Hey Joseph. Hope you are well. I know exactly what you mean. It is a frustration all true Creators feel when Creativity isn't 'spreading like wildfire'. However, are you familiar with the publicity our activists got in the media in England recently? Check out the links HERE, HERE, and HERE. They've been hard at work. :)

If you are determined to promote Creativity this summer, we have flyer and sticker designs that you can have printed up easily enough. I am aware that you are not financially well off at the moment, so I would recommend getting our latest 'Proud to be White' or 'White Genocide' design made into stickers. You can find them HERE and HERE

We look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours.

Hello there Joseph.

You are definitely on the right track by purchasing a copy of Nature's Eternal Religion. However, it must be noted that most of the copies of Nature's Eternal Religion out there have a number of unfortunate errors in them.

Once you have read Nature's Eternal Religion, naturally you should go on to the White Man's Bible. You can find both Nature's Eternal Religion and the White Man's Bible in PDF on the Creativity Alliance website.

The PDF of Nature's Eternal Religion found on our website is superior to any other on the Internet and in print. If you find an error in the document, you can help by informing us so we can correct it prior to printing (which we plan to do later this year). It is sure to be the best one ever.

You can find high quality audios of Nature's Eternal Religion and much more if you check out 'CA-TV'.

You can also purchase a high quality copy of The Little Book, which all Creators and those interested in Creativity should have, by visiting Rev. Cailen Cambeul's profile.

All the best.
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