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Maybe for shits and giggles someone will generate a whole bunch of modified bullshit and try to impress the followers of other religions with a bunch trendy and exciting religions and erode their support base.
Yahweh originated as a storm god, was later combined with a warrior god..  and as time went on and monotheism became popular was just molded into "the god"..

Allah was initially a Lunar deity.. then was a rain god..  then as monotheism became popular the same deal, just combined.

The clergy don't want to talk about their gods primitive origins because it seems so primitive..  if these origins are so primitive than why not just cast it off for something that is more authentic and new?

Well, if you did that than they would be out of a job wouldn't they? The truth cant be changed but it can be ignored and covered up..  so that is the route they decided to go with it.

Worship of forces of nature is as primitive as worshiping to the monkey god..  or the mouse lord..  or the hunter who begs the animal god to give him a good hunt... 

But as a hunter I could totally see myself trying to hunt and whispering to myself "Come on damnit..  give me something.. I've been here for hours".. But you know what I mean.   It might be something humans have done for so long it just seems natural to do.

Faith in the "organism" seems like a good step.. Like..  the racial organism. I might not know what its doing, or why it does it..  But I can have some faith that overall it will survive. And instead of worshiping the forces outside..  the racial organism is within
Chinks have got some covid variant that supposedly kills 100% 

You all stay safe out there but if you get it maybe cough on a few groids.
US Israeli Indicted for 2016/17 Anti-Semitic Acts

They blamed everything on Trump - but it was a Jew faking it all the time!;sa=view;id=3837